Abode Home Security Review 2018

Abode is quietly becoming one of the best DIY home security providers on the market. This well designed, easy to install system provide you with a professional system that eliminates a lot of the hassle of more conventional systems.

If you are new to DIY home security systems, abode makes it easy to get started. You can purchase a beginners kit that includes a Gateway (hub), 2 Door/Window Sensors, a remote KeyFob and 1 camera with a motion sensor.

But that is not all adobe can do. It’s just the beginning of what may become a long-term relationship. By connecting to your lights, locks, thermostats, garage door openers and other devices adobe can automate your home.

Now, you may be thinking that some device that you put in your house that wants to take over all of your devices may be a little scary. But adobe is a very friendly system. It’s not Skynet. I promise. You will still be the smartest person in your home, adobe will just make being in your home easier.

Now if you see Arnold Schwarzenegger in your house, grab your stuff and run. But until then just enjoy some awesome home automation. Unless he is your neighbor, then you should invite him in for some tea.

Oh, and if I forgot to tell you abode works with Alexa, it does. So you can have an automated home, that responds to voice commands and possibly Arnold Schwarzenegger for a neighbor.

But if Alexa isn’t enough for you, adobe also connects with Nest. You can link your Nest Camera and see what your house is up when you are away using the adobe app. You can also request images, and enable the motion detection feature.

That is not the end of the journey for adobe and Nest, you can also connect Nest Protect to the Gateway. Which means you can get alerts and messages using the timeline in the adobe app. So you can review what is happening, and then take the appropriate action.

And on top of that, you can use the abode monitoring system to contact law enforcement.

You can also connect with te Nest Thermostat. By using geo-location services abode can set your Nest Thermostat based on abode’s system modes. So you can save money (sweet) and have a nice comfortable home (sweeter).

When it comes to integration abode does a more than admiral job. Beyond Alexa and Nest abode also connects with IFTTT and supports a variety of ZigBee and Z-Wave devices. Which makes its $300 price tag look more reasonable, and worth it.

In addition to playing well with others, abode also has an array of other devices and accessories. Which when you consider the integrations and ZigBee and Z-Wave devices makes it a highly intelligent system.

Abode offers three different packages, all but the basic plan offers abode’s professional monitoring service.



Here is a breakdown of that each package provides:

  • Basic: this is abodes free package. It allows you to manage your own security and home automation using their app. Their other free (and not free) features include:
    • (not free) Optional on-demand professional monitoring $8 for 3 days/$15 for 7 days.
    • 3 Days of timeline and media storage
    • Connect with up to 155 devices
    • Unlimited user accounts
    • Able to create up to 100 home automation “recipes”
    • IFTTT channel access
    • Customer support via email and online support
  • Connect: this package has a monthly rate f $10. It includes cellular backup. You get all of the features in the Basic plan, plus:
    • 3G cellular backup connection that will keep your system online if you lose your home internet connection
    • 14 days of timeline and media storage
    • (not free) Optional on-demand professional monitoring $8 for 3 days/$15 for 7 days.
    • Phone and email support
  • Secure: this package has a monthly rate of $30. It includes all of the features in Basic and Connect, plus:
    • 24/7 professional monitoring support
    • 90 days of timeline and media storage
    • Premium customer phone support

DIY is a constant evolution of new devices and technology. And like all evolutionary events (like us) it takes some time to get things right.  DIY home security is still working through their evolution. Which means sometimes things are great, and other times they aren’t.

Abode seems to be ahead of the curve. Not quite as daft as a dinosaur, they work to add new devices and features that can seem more advanced than some other providers. Does this mean they are fully evolved? No. But they do offer a lot of devices that make them a decent start to keeping your home secure.

What we like about their evolution is their commitment to making sure that you have everything you need. Building a DIY home security system can sometimes be a pain in the ass, but Abode gives you everything you need to get started. Without the pain.

You can install your abode system in a matter of minutes. Really. Which makes it easy to get your home security operational with minimal hassle. The app can be a little more frustrating, but we hope that as abode continues to evolve that process includes a simpler app.

There are three modes; home, standby and away. If you are in standby mode everything is off, you can still get alerts via a chirping noise from the app if a sensor becomes active, but for the most part that it is. Home mode will activate the door and window sensors, and that is it. Away mode activates sensors, detectors, and cameras.

You can use the geofencing feature to turn the alarm on and off using your smartphone which makes it more convenient. Your adobe system will also track events in your home, so when a door or window is open or closed there will be a record of the event.

And you get all of this with no contract. You can add some paid services with the Connect and Secure packages, but you won’t have to commit to a long-term contract. Which is another example of how abode is outpacing the evolution of some of the other contract bound home security providers.


9 Total Score

Abode Home Security offers a variety of devices and professional monitoring services with no contract

  • Professional Monitoring, Starter Package has everything you need, No contract, Geo-Fencing, IFTTT channel, ZigBee and Z-Wave device support
  • Customer support is lacking a bit.
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