AT&T Digital Life Review 2018

Cable companies aren’t the most popular kids in school. So why should we trust them with our home security? It is normal to have suspicions, especially when you have not had the best experience with your provider. While we have a few concerns about AT&T Digital Life, we like that they have a clear focus, and that they include home automation in their packages.  And that is the main reason we think you shouldn’t give up on them just yet.

AT&T Digital Life takes what it does seriously. With their recent acquisition of LifeShield, they are expanding their current equipment lineup. Lifeshield was known for manufacturing their own equipment, whether they continue to support their own equipment or if AT&T has other plans for the brand is unknown at this time.

One thing we have always liked about Digital Life is that the warranty on the equipment is a lifetime. So if we could encourage AT&T to keep it that way, we would.

When you sign up for Digital Life you will have to pay for the equipment installation upfront. You will also have to commit to a 24-month contract. If you start with the basic package you can expect to get a keypad, motion sensor, three recessed contact sensors, three surface sensors and an indoor siren.

The recessed contact sensors let you conceal them in door jams and other places where they cannot be seen by someone trying to enter your house. You can use the surface contact sensors to detect someone trying to open a window. Which is a nice added layer of protection.

While there are three packages you can choose from, you can also purchase additional equipment from AT&T. So if you wanted to add a security camera to the basic package, you could.

You can also receive information from your home security system via text or email. You can also access your home security system from any laptop, tablet or smartphone. You don’t need to subscribe to AT&T internet service either which is nice.

Currently, you can choose between these three service packages.

Packages Smart Security Smart Security and Automation Premium Security and Automation
24/7 Professional Monitoring
Professional Installation
Rapid Alarm Response Time
Remote access using app
Text and Email Alerts
Wireless Communication
Works with other high-speed internet providers
View Live or Recorded Video
Unlock Your Door Remotely
Control Temperature and Small Appliances
Water leak and temperature detection sensors

You can always add additional devices to your package, so if you know you will need more window sensors, or you want to add a CO detector you can easily include them in your package. You will pay more as you add equipment, but AT&T makes it easy to add equipment. These are the most common devices you can add to your package.

  • Contact Sensor $49.99
  • Window Sensor $29.99
  • Smoke Sensor $49.99
  • Heat Detector $59.99
  • Glass Break Sensor $79.99
  • Touch Screen Control $129.99
  • Indoor Smart Plugs $39.99 each
  • CO Sensor $59.99
  • Motion Sensor $79.99
  • Door Lock Touchscreen $199.99
  • Outdoor Camera $199.99
  • Indoor HD Camera $199.99
  • Smart Thermostat $49.99

Home Automation

One thing that makes Digital Life stand out a bit, is the way they make home automation so easy. If you subscribe to the Smart Security or Premium Security you will be able to take advantage of additional features that will allow you to turn your home into a smart home. All of the plans Digital Life offers include remote access from your smartphone, PC or tablet.

They are also working on a voice assistant for Android and iOS users, so you will be able to use your voice to control your lights thermostat and other automated devices. While the home automation part of Digital Life is not as robust as we may like it to be, it has a lot of potential.

You can also add packages that provide video cameras, door locks, energy control and water detection for an additional fee.

Home Security Cameras

Digital life has a few cameras that you can choose from. First, there is the weather resistant outdoor camera, this camera includes day and night vision, and can record footage when motion is detected. You can also add their indoor camera, or the Samsung Smartcam HD Pro, which is also an indoor security camera.

You can stream video in 1080p with the Samsung model. But the Digital Life camera has a two-way audio feature, so depending on what you are looking for you have two good options to consider. You can use the advanced feature of the Samsung you will have both motion and audio detection. The camera also excels at knowing the difference between a tree and a person.

While being able to know a person from a tree isn’t super impressive, You can set up motion zones. This feature allows you to set where the camera’s field of view will focus will be, and it will ignore other areas. So now you can finally see the raccoon who keeps knocking your garbage bin over.

Building a better smart home is also easier with Digital Life. It can play well with other third-party devices. By partnering with like Lutron and Nest (s00n) you will be able to have a true automated smart home.

The DirecTV, Digital Life and LifeShield Merger

Now that LifeShield has merged with Digital Life, you may have some questions about what is changing. At this moment is seems like not that much has changed. But the one thing that we know has changed may have an impact on customers of LifeShield who preferred their landline monitoring option.

Digital Life relies on a broadband connection with a cellular backup, which is the most secure way to manage your home security system as when your phone or power lines go down you still have a backup option. Which means if you are using your landline phone with LifeShield you will need to choose another option.

The packages offered by LifeShield are similar enough to what Digital Life offers to make that part of the transition fairly smooth. The fees are almost identical, but now LifeShield customers can get more equipment through Digital Life. Which should make anyone switching over happy.

  • You get updated equipment with all three packages
  • Every equipment package comes with professional monitoring services
  • The equipment is covered by a lifetime warranty
  • The LifeShield merger should improve customer service

  • You have to pay for equipment installation.
  • The packages offered are a little expensive

In Conclusion

Digital Life is a good start for AT&T, and the commitment that they have made to the service is impressive. You can get everything you need with the basic package to keep your home safe. You can also add equipment based on what you need.

Depending on the package you choose you can also start to create your home using Digital Life’s home automation features. You can manage your lights, cameras and security devices using your smartphone, PC or tablet.

7 Reasons we Like Digital Life


Home Automation Video Package

While home security is nice, adding a decent home automation package makes it better. You can add on home automation packages like the Video Camera Package, for $9.99 and a $99.99 charge for the camera. The package lets you view live streaming video or recorded video on your smartphone, tablet or PC.


Home Automation Door Package

You can also get the Door Package this package allows you to remotely lock and unlock your front door and/or garage. With Digital Life you can also grant temporary access to your home by creating access codes. You can also get the ability to set up alerts on your phone to let you know when a door is opened, who openedthe door and when it was closed.


Home AutomationEnergy Package

You can also use the Energy Package to adjust the temperature in your home using your smart device. You can also control lights and small appliances to help reduce the amount of energy you use. With Digital Life you can also get a Water Control package. While most water detection packages can tell you there is a problem, Digital Life has upped their game. Water Control can not only know there is a problem it can help you solve it. You will get an alert and be able to remotely shut your water off.


You Can Integrate Your Existing Devices

If you have compatible devices you can add them to your Digital Life service, so you can save money and still use what you already have.


Free Installations

Standard installations are free. Which is a more than decent price. I mean who doesn’t enjoy free stuff?


24/7 Professional Monitoring

At Home Security List we will always advocate for professional monitoring when you can afford it. Trying to self-monitor your system sounds easy until you have to actually do it. AT&T does it well, and unlike you, they are up 24 hours a day.


Free Consultations

Not sure what you want? Or how your current devices can work with Digital Life? They are more than happy to come to your home and show you want works and answer all of your questions. So you will know everything you need to know to be prepared on the installtion day.


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