Cannon Security Inc. Review 2018

Cannon Security Inc. is a Canadian company based in Saint John, New Brunswick.  They have been in business since 2004 and are known for selling a wide variety of high-end security and home automation products. They are also an official partner of the mobile app and are an ADT affiliate.

The Good

Cannon Security Inc. provides customized security and automation solutions for each customer. Every individual customer is able to benefit from an especially designed plan which is developed after a complete survey of the property and the customer’s requirements.

By utilizing the technology offered by, the company is able to provide one of the most intuitive and powerful security mobile applications available anywhere. The app is provided free of cost and can let a user control and monitor each and every aspect of their security system. Cannon Security equipment can work on a user’s cellular network bypassing the need for a telephone line or a wired internet connection.

The company is also known for excellent service and highly trained technicians who go out of their way to resolve issues as soon as possible. Cannon Security Inc. sources products from some the world’s best security and automation equipment providers. They rely on more than one company, helping them to expand their product offerings of high-quality hardware.

Another advantage of the company is its innovative ‘Crash and Smash’ technology which automatically sends out an emergency alarm to local authorities if the system is tampered with or shut down.

The Bad

Cannon Security Inc. has a very limited coverage area, with all their customers in the province of New Brunswick. Hence, people living in the United States or even in other provinces of Canada would not be able to use their services. Also, the company charges a flat $49.95 fee upfront on all contracts and installations. While this figure in itself is not very high, there are other players in the market who charge less or even no upfront fees at all.

As a provider of customized solutions, they do not have any rate list or payment plans to choose from. This makes it extremely difficult for new customers to understand the kind of investment they would need to make. Similarly, there is very little information provided on Cannon Security’s website regarding uninstallation or moving fees which a customer might have to incur in certain situations.

Furthermore, the company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau which sheds some doubt on their overall performance as a business.

Bottom Line

Cannon Security Inc. is a good choice for customers living in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. The company provides top-of-the line equipment and mobile app technology which can work without a phone line and is completely wireless.

Monitoring Plans and Pricing

Cannon Security Inc. charges $49.95 as an upfront cost of installation. Apart from that, the company provides customized solutions for homes and businesses. Hence, the total price paid for a package is calculated after a thorough survey of a property and varies considerably depending on the features required and the hardware installed.


The company provides a wide variety of security and home automation products with numerous useful features:

Interactive Security Solutions:

  • No phone line or wired internet connection required
  • Technology that is resistance to tampering
  • Monitor the property even if the system is down
  • Real-time email and text notifications to keep customers updated.
  • Control everything via a web browser or a mobile device.

Image Sensor:

  • Advanced motion detection technology that is immune to pets
  • High-Quality Nigh-Vision mode to capture low-light shots
  • Image sensors are completely wireless and work on batteries
  • Email and text notifications to keep customers updated in case of detection

Home Automation and Management:

  • Customizable triggers
  • Automatically turn on/off porch lights at dusk and dawn
  • Schedule alarm systems for automatic system arming
  • Image alerts whenever doors or windows are opened
  • Doors locked automatically whenever system is armed

Energy Management:

  • Customized light and thermostat scheduling
  • Ready-made energy saving templates which can significantly reduce bills
  • Remote energy management with complete control through a mobile app
  • Behavioural insights from the security system automatically maps activity patterns to save energy
  • Automatically adjusts the temperature during extreme cold or heat

Video Surveillance:

  • Live feed through a computer or any mobile device
  • Video recording and playback from a computer or any mobile device
  • Schedule recording timings
  • Customize settings to automatically record when motion is detected, doors opened or when the alarm goes off.
  • Video alerts sent via email and text
  • Tamper proof video recording held in a cloud server

Garage Door Control:

  • Remotely control access to garage door
  • Alerts sent via phone and text if garage door has been left open
  • Audible sound and flashing light alerts when garage is being controlled remotely

Security Packages for Builders and Businesses:

  • Remotely secure and monitor the site
  • Manage visitor access remotely by creating and managing multiple user access codes from a computer
  • Track each room and building to gather business intelligence on footfall
  • Schedule security systems

Equipment Options

Cannon Security Inc. mostly provides ADT equipment, which is one of the most popular security equipment providers in North America. Keyless door systems are provided by Weiser & Kwikset, while Garage door technology is provided by LiftMaster. All equipment is compatible with mobile app

Customer Support

Customer Support is available through phone and email. As a local provider limited to a small area, they are known for their excellent service and quick turn around times whenever customers face issues or problems.

Contract Details

Unlike most security companies, Cannon Security Inc. does not provide ready-made contracts or price lists for different packages. Price rates and contracts are only confirmed once a property is surveyed and a customized security system is designed to meet the needs of the specific client.

Many first time customers have claimed to receive a minimum 36-month contract obligation while some customers have claimed to negotiate a package without any contractual obligations at all. It would be best to get in touch with the company and understand what you are eligible for.

Review Summary

Cannon Security Inc. has exceptional customer service and they make sure to satisfy the needs of each and every customer. The company has quality security equipment and with the help of mobile app, they have been able to give each customer the power to manage their system remotely from any mobile device.Their upfront fees are not the highest and some people might be willing to pay it considering the company’s excellent track record.

However, they have a very limited coverage area, operating only in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada. With their customized solutions and friendly staff, Cannon Security Inc. can only be an excellent choice for people living in the vicinity.

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