Cocoon Raises $3M to Deliver Their Vision of Easy Whole-Home Protection AI

Keeping your family safe is a high priority as a potential homebuyer; however, many consumers find a security system to be expensive and unnecessary. The makers of Cocoon decided to reinvent the idea of home security with an all-in-one device that learns about your family and home to give a customized approach to protecting who and what you treasure the most. Through working with generous investors and testers, Cocoon developed technology in an all-in-one device that is the first of its kind.



About Cocoon

Using the Cocoon, you are able to monitor any type of disturbance in your home with just one piece of equipment. At 3.2 inches in diameter, this device is the only tool you need to keep you and your family secure from potential burglars. Whenever you leave your home, your phone’s GPS notifies the device automatically; at that point, the Cocoon activates your security system immediately. This quick activation allows you go to work or on errands without needing to worry about the security of your home.


Using SUBSOUND™ Technology, the cocoon learns your regular habits and noise around the house. Once the device is familiar with the sounds and motion in your living space, it monitors for irregular sounds, movement, or changes in temperature in the home. If the Cocoon detects any changes, it activates its live streaming and recording to monitor the disturbance. You can see that it is recording by watching the LED light on the device. This device records all video with its high-definition camera while recording high-quality audio as well. The Cocoon features Night Guard security, automatically recording and monitoring your home while your family is asleep.

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Exceptional Home Security at Your Fingertips

Once you install the Cocoon as your security system, you need to download the application to your smartphone to take advantage of all of the settings while you are away. If the Cocoon receives input that suggests a break-in or a dangerous situation, you receive a notification instantly on your phone, allowing you to view your home live through automatic uploading through the Cloud. Synchronize Cocoon to your phone by downloading the corresponding smartphone app.

cocoon stay connected

The application is available for Apple products through the App Store or for Android smartphones through the Google Play Store. With real time notifications, you constantly have access to your home’s live feed, allowing you to check in at any time to view the live high-definition video. Easy access to Cocoon helps you monitor your house at all times, whether you have a small disturbance or you want to check on your family while away.

The application for Cocoon allows you to setup emergency contacts in the event that someone threatens the security of your home, giving you immediate access to the police and other emergency services. The application grants you remote access to set off the audio of the siren at any time after you alert the authorities. You also have the option to setup backup contacts in the event you are not reachable at the time of the disturbance. All of these efforts put you in charge of anything that happens in your home, protecting your loved ones and priceless possessions.

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The $3 Million Campaign

The producers of the Cocoon security system started with a campaign through Indiegogo, describing the new venture to possible investors. This company surpassed their goal by over 200% by December 2014, lauching prototypes in alpha tester’s homes to monitor potential success. They began this journey to surpass the technology offered in traditional home security today, since many people in the United States and United Kingdom shy away from alarm systems in effort to save money. In fact, the lack of a security system is a potentially dangerous decision that can lead to loss in your monetary possessions. The creators felt the urge to develop a security system that was effective, smart, and sensitive to the right stimulus, giving you the first home security system that safeguards your home with just one device.

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The Future of Cocoon


Through the thousands of dollars the creators raised, a significant investment of $3-million from Aviva Ventures (LON:AV), Breed Reply Investments (BIT:REY) and early stage investors helped to move this project along. This major opportunity brings the Cocoon to the security system market in the first phase of their operational plan. With an esteemed team of engineers, the makers of Cocoon aim to release their product to the public within the first six months of 2016.

The Cocoon security system provides effortless safety, whether you are home or away at work. With the team tripled in size, the makers look forward to the release of Cocoon to the public in the coming months. Cocoon is available for pre-purchase at a $399 and has an estimated delivery date in April 2016.

Becoming a dad ignited my interest in home security. I started with security systems and quickly fell in love with the fast-evolving internet of things (IoT). I love to review home security and smart home products, and learn about new technologies in the IoT space.

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