Featured Tech: BeON Home & Beyond… How Much They Have Grown Since Inception

With all of the new advances and technologies in the home automation industry, it can be quite difficult for companies and startups to stand out amongst the crowd. BeON Home, however, has managed to do just that with the creation of an incredibly innovative lightbulb.

Created in early 2013 by friends Alexei Erchak and Arvind Balliga, the bulb is intended to provide safety, security, and energy-efficiency to homeowners across the world. The idea for the bulb came about when Erchak became interested in finding a new technology that could help him manage the home that he had just moved into.

BeOn Home Founders

After briefly speaking about possibilities to each other, Balliga became even more intrigued about what could be done when he ventured off on vacation with his family and was worried about securing his home. The two then went to work thinking of how they could combine home technology management with home security.

From there, the two ended up meeting current CTO Martin Forest. Forest lived in New Hampshire and had recently gone through Superstorm Sandy. For that reason, he was heavily interested in finding a way to ensure that the home could still operate effectively through inclement weather or major disruptions from storms.

After meeting, the three agreed that they should combine their ideas and create a technology that would make the home safer and smarter on a daily basis while also being able to withstand issues due to inclement weather or power outages. And with that, the creation of the BeON Home lightbulb began.

While creating the BeON Home lightbulb was a long and difficult process, the resulting product has been called revolutionary by many home automation enthusiasts and experts. But how does it all work?

The Inner Workings of the BeON Home Lightbulb

The lightbulb works in a variety of different ways. First off, it can be placed in any space where a traditional lightbulb would be located. The bulb is than able to controlled, and turned on and off, through the mobile app that comes with it.

As has been mentioned, the three goals of the device were to provide additional safety, security, and energy-efficiency to homeowners. To help with safety, the bulb is able to work even when the power goes out. When placed throughout the home, you should be able to receive ample lighting during a power outage.

For security, the fact that it can be controlled via the app means that you can give outsiders the impression that you are home, no matter where you are. You can even set the bulbs up to turn on and off at specific times throughout the day. As time goes on, BeON Home expects to include features that enable the device to learn your patterns when you are home and then play them out even when you are not.

For energy efficiency purposes, the lightbulb itself is said to be up to 75% more efficient than traditional options. It provides 800 lumens of brightness and can last for several years.

Kickstarter Campaign

As has been mentioned, the creation of the BeON Home was not an easy process. While the idea for the product came together in mid-2013, it was not until November of 2014 that the team put together a product that could be shared with the world.

In order to test the support that they could receive for their device, they started a Kickstarter campaign. After a fairly long process where users were a bit confused about exactly what the product could do, they ended up receiving over $106,000 from 424 backers.

Recent Success

While there is little information about the revenue that the BeON Home team has generated to this point, the fact that they recently closed a $2.9 million funding round speaks to how investors feel about the product. The funding round concluded in early 2016.

CEO Alexei Erchak has made it clear that most of that funding will go towards further product development and the ability to integrate with other devices. Erchak wants to make the use of the device a no-brainer for consumers throughout the world.

The Final Word

It is truly amazing what the team at BeON Home has accomplished since coming up with the idea back in 2013. Receiving a near $3 million in funding from investors while continuing to develop their products to elite levels is something that should certainly be commended.

If you are thinking about purchasing a BeON Home lightbulb, you can do so through their website. They have three different packages available, including a Super Pack (7 bulbs), Starter Pack (3 bulbs), or Single Bulb. The company offers a 100-day free trial for all customers and even provides free returns.

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