Frontpoint Security vs. Link Home Security–A Close Comparison

Whether you’re changing your home system or simply thinking about installing one to protect your home, you should be thinking about the best company out there. But since there are so many companies, we tested for you two of them to see which one is better. However, each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it all depends on your preferences and priorities.

But let’s see more!

Common Points

Being two companies from the same field, Frontpoint and Link Home Security have similar features up to a point. To make things easier for you, we decided to show them to you first, and then discuss only the differences between them, which can totally count for one decision or another.

  • 24/7 security monitoring – this means both will offer you outstanding protection services, no matter the time
  • Panic buttons: Police, Fire and Medical – an excellent feature that shows they do not care only about your home, but also about your safety and health. It’s a great feature especially for the elders or for the impaired in case of emergency.
  • Fire monitoring –sometimes, a burglar may not be the worst danger for your home. Most fires are caused by accident, whether when the owners are at home or not. That’s why these companies are worth a place in your list of options, since they also protect you against fires.
  • Self-installation – the installation is a DIY procedure and it’s in fact very easy. They offer instructions and this allows you the freedom to install whenever you can, without changing your schedule by waiting for a professional. However, if you want, you can call a professional to install it for a fee.
  • Cellular monitoring – compared to other types of monitoring, the cellular one is the best, because it keeps working all the time, and the signal doesn’t break when your phone line or Internet is down.
  • Credits for equipment – the cost of the equipment can sometimes prove to be too high, so you can get credits for it. It’s a great solution for those who don’t have as much financial resources.
  • Suitable for anybody – homeowner, renter, it doesn’t matter, as long as you have a house you want to protect.
  • Nationwide service – it doesn’t matter where you live, you can always call one of these companies and get your own home security system.
  • You do not need high-speed Internet – as we said, cellular monitoring makes you independent from your Internet connection.
  • Crash and Smash Protection – this is a great addition that protects you home even if a burglar cuts the signal or destroys the control panel. A signal is still sent to the command center and they will dispatch a crew or call the authorities.
  • A+ ratings – the BBB has offered both companies A+ ratings, so both are a good option!
  • Mobile apps – they both offer mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Home automation – for doors, lights or locks
  • Video surveillance – perfect for when you’re away or on holiday.

If you just compare these two companies to the rest of the options available on the market, you can see they are among the best. Most companies lack important things from the ones mentioned above, such as not covering a certain area of the country, changing fees from one month to another or not offering as many facilities. If you think about this alone, you will see how great these two companies are.

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Frontpoint Advantages

Besides the points we mentioned earlier, Frontpoint also has other advantages. One of the best arguments if you want to convince somebody to use their services is their customer service.

Ever since they began working, their customer service has been excellent and they try really hard to keep it that way. Their brand incorporates their customer care, and there are lots of positive reviews online and offline from people who find their agents really helpful and knowledgeable.

Security is another main point that should convince you to use them. Cellular monitoring is quite a recent thing among the home security companies, but they were among the first companies to use it.

It offers cellular connections between your sensors and the control panel and between the panel and the monitoring station. More than that, the Crash and Smash Protection makes sure no burglar can annihilate the system.

Regarding prices, Frontpoint has three packages varying from the Protection Plan ($34.99 a month), to the Interactive Plan ($44.99 a month) and the Ultimate ($49.99 a month), each with its own features and advantages.


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LinkHome Advantages

Just like Frontpoint, LinkHome also has some advantages besides the ones we mentioned earlier. The prices here are great: they start with a package that costs $34.99 a month and you get everything you want for that money.

They also have large equipment credits or you can buy pre-bundled packages starting from $99.


Their technology is also modern, using a 2GIG equipment available for all customers. They also have a touch screen panel, the Go!Control that also acts as a home management system. You can use it to control the temperature, the locks or the lights or to speak to the monitoring center through it.

LinkHome only has two available plans, Gold and Platinum. The Gold one costs $39.99 and the Platinum has a monthly price of $44.99, the difference being that the Gold one does not offer live video streaming, HD & night vision video or motion activated video recording.


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Comparison Table

Frontpoint Link Interactive
Plan Price $34.99 - $49.99 $39.99 - $44.99
24/7 Monitoring
Crash and Smash Protection
Mobile Apps
Home Automation
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
BBB Rating A+ A+
More Info Check Website Check Website
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Final Thoughts

As a final common excellent advantage, they both offer you 30-day money back guarantees. So in case you’re not sure which company to choose, you can test the system for 30 days and see which one you like more. If you are not satisfied, you just have to call them and tell them you cancel the service for free.

Becoming a dad ignited my interest in home security. I started with security systems and quickly fell in love with the fast-evolving internet of things (IoT). I love to review home security and smart home products, and learn about new technologies in the IoT space.
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