Frontpoint vs. Vivint: Who Wins?

It’s a difficult task to compare Frontpoint and Vivint, since they are both very feature-filled solutions.

Both companies offer wireless security systems with home automation features, along with the latest monitoring technology and online access, surveillance options or remote access.

So, let’s take a closer look at the not-so-subtle differences between these two home security industry leaders.

I hope this comparison will help you in your decision making process.

Cost and Value 

There are very important concepts when it comes to choosing a system that takes care of your home. We all want to know that our money are well spent, so we should carefully analyze all the options we have.

From this perspective, things don’t look so good for Vivint: they have only a few packages and a somewhat fixed price of $49.99 per month.

Meanwhile, Frontpoint has three unique packages ranging from $34.99 to $49.99 per month, to fit anyone’s budget.

Both systems work with the latest technology and do their job in a professional manner.

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Home Automation 

Here, both systems offer wireless home automation services. Regarding the basic services, any option is good, but Vivint takes everything one step further by also offering energy management. Frontpoint now offers energy management control in their Ultimate Plan ($49.95/mo). You may wish to compare the three Frontpoint plans on this comparison page.

While Frontpoint does offer features that rival Vivint’s, we want to emphasize that Vivint’s packages are definitely more focused towards home automation.

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Home Monitoring Services 

We all have to agree that home monitoring services are very important, since they can save dozens of lives a year and also protect your home from burglars and other dangers.

From this point of view, Frontpoint has a top monitoring station called Rapid Response, one of the best in the entire country. Also, they have the lowest prices for monthly monitoring, while Vivint offers some high prices for the same services.

More than that, Vivint has invested very little in the monitoring services. Although Vivint’s prices are competitive with many other companies, we can surely say that here Frontpoint’s a winner!

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Company Reputation 

Here is where Vivint may fall a bit short.

Frontpoint has been on the market for only 7 years. However, they’ve had huge success, mostly due to their extreme care for their customers’ needs. Their 97% customer satisfaction rate shows that customers are thrilled about their Frontpoint Security system and about their customer service.

This care for customers started from their first day of activity and it’s visible through numerous prizes and ratings they have received.

On the other hand, Vivint has a handicap of bad history. Vivint actually comes from a rebranded company (APX Alarm), who had a very bad reputation and it was very pushy with the customers.

Even though they have been doing a great job after rebranding and changing the leaders, the past is not yet forgotten and this might cause some serious issues with customers who have previous experiences with the old company. Unfortunately for Vivint, a quick search online will still yield recent reviews from customers who are not happy with how Vivint treats them when they try to cancel, or have trouble with their service.

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Customer Service 

Frontpoint understands that customer service is part of marketing. What I mean is… Before social media empowered the customer, big companies could get away with horrible things. Frontpoint knew they had an opportunity to beat out the big dinosaurs like ADT by focusing on perfecting their product offering AND offering the best customer service in the industry.

This strategy has brought them fast growth, lots of publicity and happy, loyal customers who refer their friends.

Frontpoint has no rival when it comes to interacting and solving problems for their customers, so they are the sure winner here. However, Vivint also deserves to be taken into account, despite their past, because they are at least heading in the right direction these days.

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Quality and Technology 

Frontpoint has the latest technology and quality equipment. They work with the best manufacturers in order to obtain the best products.

Vivint also uses great technology. In fact, Vivint was the first home security company to introduce a touchscreen control panel, and they can even be called an innovator, since they recently added technologies for energy saving, too. But from a customer’s perspective, many of Vivint’s add-ons may feel more like high pressure upsells than opportunities to enjoy more value and cool features.

Even so, both Frontpoint and Vivint offer:

  • Wireless systems
  • 100% cellular monitoring
  • Remote and online access
  • Surveillance options
  • Home automation
  • Energy management

Therefore, it’s hard to call for only one company to win from this point of view. Perhaps the best solution is to call it a tie here and compare the other aspects for a well informed decision.

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Ease of Installation 

Frontpoint has perfected the DIY setup experience. There’s no drilling and no tools are required. Basically you just peel and stick sensors wherever you want (doors, windows, garage, etc), plug in your control panel and you’re good to go. While this setup is simple enough, Frontpoint provides a super easy step-by-step personalized setup wizard so you can get your system set up and activated -without even needing to call Frontpoint for activation. With that said, you are still welcome to call for help getting set up if you prefer someone on the phone to walk you through it. Their support people are very friendly and knowledgible.

On the other hand, Vivint prefers to have a professional technician come and install your systems. This may or may not cost you, depending on what package you choose to buy, but the thing is you will have to adjust to the technician’s schedule, which can be a minus if you have a busy life and don’t spend much time at home. For this reason, we think the winner here is Frontpoint.

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Warranty is also another important aspect to take into account when talking about these security systems. Frontpoint offers a three-year warranty for the entire system, and will replace any malfunctioning or broken parts within this time frame.

Of course, they work with customers who are out of this time frame, but you may have to pay if you need a new device or new components.

On the other hand, Vivint offers a lifetime warranty and covers all the parts you may need for the system. You may be charged a fee for the service or for the call, but anything you will need, they will replace.

They can have some other options for their warranty depending on the package you choose, but for this it would be advisable to talk to an authorized consultant before buying anything.

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Comparison Table

Frontpoint Vivint
Monthly $34.99 - 49.99 53.99 - 69.99
Installation Cost $0 $99
Contract Length 36 Months 60 Months
Money-Back Guarantee
Warranty 2 Years Lifetime
BBB Accredited
More Info Visit Website Visit Website
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The Verdict – FrontPoint Wins By An Inch.

As expected, there are pros and cons for every system. The decision is up to you, and you should think well what the most important things are for you when buying a home security system.

Both Frontpoint and Vivint offer similar products and monitoring solutions as well as pricing. In regards to customer service, however, Frontpoint is the clear winner. Because customer support and service is one of our most important factors in our review process, Frontpoint wins overall in today’s comparison.

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