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Gillmore Security Systems is a Cleveland, Ohio-based company that is locally owned and operated. They serve a limited audience in Northeastern Ohio and the surrounding areas. If you live in their service area, and you want to add a home security solution, you should give Gillmore a look. They are one of the few UL 5-diamond in-house monitoring providers in the country and they provide service 24/7 365 days a year.

What you should know about Gillmore Security

Gillmore Security began over 40 years ago in North Eastern Ohio, they are now considered the premier home security provider in that region. One of the nice things about regional home security companies is how they treat their customers.

By keeping their monitoring center in the area in which they provide service, you not only get someone who knows about home security, you also get someone who knows the area. Which can be critical should an emergency or break-in occur.

Equipment Packages

If you want the latest in home security technology, Gillmore has it. Their packages typically include the following:

  • Central command panel
  • 2 door sensors
  • 1 motion detector
  • 1 keyfob
  • 24/7 professional monitoring service
  • Window and yard signs and stickers

When it comes to pricing, you will need to call them directly. Currently, they do not provide any pricing on their features and packages online. However, one thing we can confirm is that all of the home security equipment is purchased by the customer. The prices range between $600 to $700 and include the installation and activation fees.

Gillmore Security will always send you the most current home security devices. They typically favor Honeywell and First Alert when it comes to their equipment packages. And while the cost of ownership may seem high, it’s important to remember the equipment is owned by you. So if you would need to move to another location that Gillmore doesn’t cover, you can take your devices with you.

There is a downside, other than the price. Currently, there is no warranty on the equipment. While most providers offer at least a one-year warranty, Gillmore Security currently doesn’t provide any type of written document that states what happens should your equipment not work as it should.

However, after speaking with a customer service agent it seems that in the first year they will cover parts, labor, and replacement. But they have yet to put that in writing, which means there is nothing concrete that will protect your equipment.

Gillmore also gives their customers access to some of the most current smart home devics. They can provide geofencing options using their proximity card feature, they can also use biometric readers that will allow you to enter your home by fingerprint.

You can also get the latest technology in digital camera security. Gillmore Security’s commitment to using the most advanced technology is another reason their customers give them such rave reviews.

Professional Monitoring Service

Gillmore Security has some happy customers. That happiness is largely attributed to their local monitoring center. Local support means quicker response times when you have an emergency. And given the consistently high service ratings, Gillmore Security seems to have mastered professional monitoring.

They also keep their contracts short. They have one-year contracts. That’s it. Which means you aren’t tied in for the long haul. However, they do self-renew. So if you are not planning on renewing you will need to contact them before the end of your contract term to cancel.

Most of their packages are customizable, so it’s hard to get the exact services you can add. When it comes to monthly rates, they can range between $35-$45 per month depending on what features you add. Some of the additional features include temperature, water, and carbon monoxide detectors.

In Conclusion

Gillmore Security has a lot to offer. They have not only achieved the highest UL rating at 5-diamonds, they also have very happy customers. This may be a testament on keeping businesses local. By keeping their professional monitoring services in house they feel like part of the community because they are.

They are also committed to giving their customers some of the best advanced home security devices. But you also have to pay for the devices up front. You will also have to pay the installation and activation fees. The devices and fees can run between $600-$700, which is a pretty big chunk of change.

They are also uncomfortably vague when it comes to their equipment warranty or lack thereof. While they have excellent monitoring services and the latest technology, the lack of a clear policy for repair and replacement should be a concern.

You don’t want to find yourself with a piece of equipment that doesn’t work, only to find that you have to fix or repair it yourself. This is why we would love to see a clear policy that covers repairs, you pay a lot up front for devices, they should be covered by a written warranty.

We like that the contracts are just one year, but with an automatic renewal policy, you may find yourself stuck in a contract you didn’t want to renew. You will need to call and cancel your contract before the renewal date to prevent the contract from being renewed.

But all in all, Gillmore Security is one of the best home security providers in the country. They have kept their business local, which results in people who know you and know the area you live in. You probably cannot find a better monitoring service. So if you are in North Eastern Ohio, and you want a great home security company, give Gillmore a try.

  • Service is only available in North Eastern Ohio
  • Contracts are only for one year
  • They invest in the latest technology
  • They keep their monitoring center local
  • They are one of the only companies to have a UL 5-diamond rated monitoring center

  • There are a lot of gray areas when it comes equipment warranties
  • You have to pay for the equipment upfront





8.5 Total Score
Amazing Monitoring Services Equipment is Costly Contracts are Only 1 Year

Gillmore is small, but in the North Eastern part of Ohio, they are mighty. They are one of the few UL-rated 5-diamond monitoring systems in the country.

  • UL 5-diamond rated monitoring service
  • Loved by most of their customers
  • Invests in technology
  • You have to buy the equipment up front
  • The Equipment is costly and runs between $600-$700
  • They serve a small portion of the stat of Ohio
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