How To Check If Your State Is Letting Syrian “Refugees” In

YoungConservatives just released an updated map showing which states are blocking Syrian refugees from entering.

I totally agree there should be more red.

Whether your state is red or not, a new time is upon us. Our leadership is more concerned with being politically correct than protecting what we’ve built since 1776.

UPDATE: Here’s an updated list of states for you:

latest update

How far are we going to let this go?

They say our biggest weakness is the thing we believe is our biggest strength – our belief that everyone should have a fair chance; that we should be tolerant and respectful to other peoples’ beliefs, no matter how crazy they may seem to us; our care and consideration for others, and the value we place on freedom. They use those against us, and we can see it in action.

Our values and principals haven’t changed. However, there is a time to draw the line.

Stand strong and watch our for eachother.

Original source: Thanks to YoungConservatives for the original content.

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