Interview With Andrey Gabisov Of Oco: Super Simple Smart Home Monitoring Camera!

Andrey Gabisov - Oco InterviewWe’ve had a number of great interviews with some of the coolest and feature rich smart home security systems and gadgets to date! And we do this because…

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And we’re just getting started…

Ladies and Gents… Meet Oco! The super simple home monitoring camera – It’s a smart one too!

With us today is Andrey Gabisov, chief marketing officer at Oco.

Andrey, thanks for joining us! You’ll be answering questions for us. We hope to get the most out of your time!

Here we go…

Conventionally, every company has their own story to tell. What’s yours?

The company was founded by fathers, all who are very concerned about keeping their families and homes safe and secure. However, when you look at the home monitoring and security devices market you see that the only options to choose from are either expensive devices with huge monthly fees or product that’s cheaply designed, lacks basic features, performs poorly and are vulnerable to hacks. Therefore, we decided to change it, and set out to develop innovative, full-featured security devices that are easy to use and affordable. Two years ago, we started developing our first smart camera, the Oco, and brought it to the market in just five months. Now, it’s sold in US, Europe and several other countries around the world.

Where did the name Oco came from?

Oco comes from oculus in Latin, and means “eye” in old Slavic languages.

You were amongst the first to truly take home security to the next level. But you took a different path away from crowdfunding – Why so? Can you tell us what happened?

When introducing our first Oco camera, we saw plenty of video surveillance camera options out there, but less so for solutions that embraced Cloud technology, which is a growing category, and that were also affordable. By matching up our hardware design with our partner Ivideon, a recognized leader in cloud surveillance systems for video steaming and recording, we knew we had a solid offering the could be introduced directly to market, and we had the resources to make it happen.

At first, we were surprised by the avid interest from retailers, particularly in the US, since this was a new brand. However, it reinforced what we already knew about the need for security solutions like Oco among consumers. As a result, Oco hit store shelves in no time without the need for crowdfunding. However, we may consider this instrument in the future.

In that case, how were you able to bring Oco to the market?

It was a lot of hard work by an incredible team. The key was securing a very strong network of retail partners, which given that our Oco smart home monitoring cameras offer advanced features, solid design and competitive pricing, we were able to do. Today, Oco cameras are available online at most major retailers, including Amazon, Target, Walmart, Home Depot and Best Buy, and in-store at Target, Macy’s and Frys across the US. Our Oco Pro line of professional surveillance cameras is now available to distributors and installers across the US.

When you started out you knew you’re on an uphill battle against the likes of Nest Cam. How were you able to par with a well- established and longtime player?

The simple answer is we delivered a very high quality product that stood out against the competition. We looked at what home owners and small business owners were searching for – advanced features like two-way talk and self-learning sound and motion detection with no fake notifications, truly easy installation (less than 60 seconds), cloud-based video storage, the ability to easily monitor captured video and control the camera from any connected device or laptop, premium video quality, affordability and a smart, sleek design. By delivering a product that met this demand, Oco became a very enticing option in the market.

Thank you for that! Let’s talk about the features…

Oco comes with motion and sound sensor. How smart are these sensors?

Very smart. Oco uses self-learning algorithms that essentially, get smarter every day, and learns to avoid false triggers. For example, if you have a tree outside your home that always brushing up against your window, Oco is going to learn that this is a reoccurring noise that isn’t of concern. This ability makes Oco stand from many other more expensive cameras.



You got wide angle viewing and 720p HD video streaming. What’s more is that your cloud storage plan is very affordable. But what’s even better is the smart bandwidth consumption. Can you share with us how this feature works?

We designed Oco to require a broadband Internet connection with just a minimal bandwidth of 0.5 Mbit/s. However, depending on the bandwidth currently available, Oco will automatically adapt its video quality, or you can adjust it manually. We stream video directly to the cloud only when you activate live streaming in your app or if motion or sound triggers have been activated. That helps us to send less data and minimize bandwidth use.

The ever growing demand for smart home security system lead to the emergence of new players in the market. How would you take on the challenge? What future is set for Oco Home Monitoring Camera?

We’re going to continue to do exactly what we’ve been doing – develop great surveillance cameras that offer home and business owners all the innovative features and cloud-based technologies they want their security surveillance systems to have, and all at an affordable price. Moving forward, you’ll continue to see us add more advanced video capture and analysis features, expanded compatibility for integration with other smart home and security system platforms and much more. In fact, we just announced Oco’s integration with IFTTT, enabling you to connect your Oco to more than 225 smart home devices and apps. So now, you can pair your Oco to work with your Phillips Hue lamps, activate geofencing around your property, and so many other options.


[Andrey], I want to order Oco. Where, or how can I get a discount?

You can buy it on our website or in any major US retailer from Amazon to Home Depot and Walmart.

So in a nutshell, if you’re looking for a reliable plug and play solution to monitor your home away from home, Oco Home Monitoring Camera is for you!

This is great,[Andrey]! This is why interviews are great in our opinion. Not only that real people representing the company are answer real questions, we can also get a good feel your core value as a team. In a way we are not just buying your products, but your passion towards your craft!

HSL would like to congratulate you and your team for a great job! Thanks again for the opportunity to know you more!

We are looking forward to posting our full review of Oco!

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