Interview with Debbie Elliott, Operations Manager of “Extensive Home Security Solutions, Customized According to Your Needs”

The home security market has been saturated with newcomers as of late and this phenomenon is understandable. Security has always been serious business, and the 21st century has given us new technology with which to improve and innovate this field.

However, a lot of these upstarts seem to hinge on gimmick and hype to get new customers. Which would’ve been okay though, if they can actually manage to follow through on all of their promises and claims. There should be no compromise when it comes to the safety of your home. Trust only companies that have a proven track record in the home security business, those that you can rely on 24/7 without fail.

If it’s stellar track record you’re looking for, then Link Interactive will surely go above and beyond your requirements. The company has been in the industry for over 60 years, a feat that not many companies can boast of.

Here’s Debbie Elliott, to give our readers a glimpse of how this pioneering company manages to stay on top of the home security field.

Hello Debbie! Thanks for accepting our invite to this interview.

To start things off, our readers would like to know more about Link Interactive as a company. Please share with us a bit of the company’s background (its origins, founders, etcetera) and some of your experiences working there.

Link Interactive is a branch of Fire Protection Service Corporation which was founded in 1952 by Peary Barker in Ogden, Utah. His son-in-law, Rodney Garner, took over the business in 1976 and remains as President and CEO today. Our president feels very strongly about his commitment to his business and his employees. He empowers a strong family-like culture which is why we have a low turnover rate. At the same time, he and the executive team recognize the need to stay current with today’s technology so that we are always providing our customers with high quality systems full of security and home automation features for our customers as well as backend processes to support our business.

Link Interactive takes pride of the fact that it has been in the home security business for so long. What do you think is the secret of the company’s longevity?

When you provide customers with the best equipment and offer customer service beyond expectation, you win customers for life. Those same customers are excited to tell their friends and family about us, and we have a vast majority sell their homes and either take their system with them, or purchase another from us. We are also proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our reputation and reviews seem to speak for themselves.

As a pioneering company in the home security field, what are some of the innovations that Link Interactive has made that you’re most impressed with? Do you think that company’s experience in the industry has helped them stand out from the rest of its competitors today?

We realize that customer’s don’t have a lot of time, and are not always welcome to the idea of strangers in their homes to install a system. Our DIY platform and the extent of our free technical support (via telephone, email or ticketing system) has saved the customers money, without having to miss out on cutting edge technology.

Mind if you walk us through to some of the flagship services and security solutions that Link Interactive is providing currently?

We are currently offering 2Gig’s GoControl security alarm panel and sensors. Not only does it secure a homeowner’s life and property, it also detects fire, water leaks and freezing conditions. It also provides home automation for lights, thermostats, locks and garage door control. All of these features interact with a free app from the customer’s smart phone or browser. We also offer video monitoring which allows the customer to view live video feed right from their smart phone or browser, as well as recording video clips for events as defined by the customer (alarms, disarming, sensor activity, etc.).

It amazes us that while Link Interactive seems to be a tad bit pricier than its peers at first glance, but the opposite is true. The company offers more functionality and services at a certain price point so it’s actually CHEAPER. Customers are paying less money for more.

Which leads us to this question – how does Link Interactive manage to keep everything at very competitive prices?

It comes down to volume. Our vendors believe in us and have seen our business increase year over year. When we are successful, they are successful. They are definitely a part of our team regarding cost savings and we pass the savings to our customers.

We’re also very impressed of the fact that your security and automation devices communicate through cellular signals instead of WiFi/Internet, which makes it much more secure.

This is true, except for our cameras and garage door controls. They operate through the customer’s WiFi with excellent results.

So, are there any more advantages of using this kind of technology that you want to highlight? What are some of the best features of Link Interactive’s home security packages that you think our readers should know about?

Our customers enjoy the ease of installation within the privacy of their own home. They love that they can check in from their smart phone to see that the system is armed and the premises are secure. These are just some of the many real life events that can make a customer’s day more manageable:

  • The ability to unlock the front door to let company in while they are stuck at the office
  • Being able to turn off the iron remotely if they forgot to unplug it before they left the house
  • No longer having to worry about whether they closed the garage door before they left for vacation because they have the ability to close the door remotely as well.
  • Knowing if someone opened the gun safe, jewelry cabinet or liquor cabinet
  • Knowing when the children have arrived home from school
  • Checking the temperature at the vacation cabin in the middle of winter to make sure the pipes aren’t freezing and controlling the thermostat
  • Checking on the contractors working on your home when you aren’t there through your cameras

How’s the feedback from customers? Care to share instances wherein Link Interactive managed to stave off potential home intruders?

We’ve had several accounts of home burglaries where the alarm sent the burglars running. It gives us great pleasure to be responsible for keeping our customers and their property safe and secure. And burglaries aren’t the only types of events that have been avoided. We have had reports from a few customers who were grateful to Link for alerting them of water leaks while they were away from their home. One customer in particular reported that his insurance agent estimated that had the homeowner not had a water sensor installed under his kitchen sink, he would have incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage instead of just a small area of wood flooring. Lucky for the customer, he was able to have a neighbor run over to his house to shut off the water!

For the technologically-disinclined among us, setting up a home security network in their homes can be daunting. How will you talk someone with little tech experience into setting up a Link Interactive security system in their homes?

We make it as easy as possible for them beginning with programming their desired sensors as per their configuration request. When they receive their system, the panel is ready to “plug and play” and the sensors are easily installed with either double-side tape or screws (included with each sensor). The sensors are also numbered so that the customer can reference their sensor list and know where to place each sensor. We provide support through installation instructions that we provide in layman’s terms on our website, and we have amazing support specialists who are happy to assist a customer from answering one or two questions to walking the customer through each step (although the system is so easy to use that there are less than a handful of customers that have required this level of assistance).

What’s next for Link Interactive? Any future plans that you want to share?

This industry is very dynamic and there are always new products coming to market. For instance, in the next few weeks, we will have a new video doorbell which is compatible with our phone app.

This will allow the customer to see who is at their door from anywhere they have a cellular connection and can “answer” through the 2-way if they so desire.

In the next few months, we will have a new camera with IR (night vision) that also includes a microphone. This will give the customer the ability to listen in to their home remotely to provide them with an additional level of information of what is taking place in their home. We are also excited about some new home automation products, including irrigation control and water valve shutoff.

We are continually watching the industry’s manufacturers for new items. When we find an item of interest, we test the device with our own personal systems to see how easy it is to install and operate, and its quality of service, and whether we consider it a true benefit for our customers. We believe in “field testing” before offering and before making any item available for purchase.

A lot of our readers are probably itching to install their very own Link Interactive home security system after reading this interview! Do you have any discount codes that they can use?

We would love to give your readers a discount of two months of monitoring free. All they have to do is enter coupon code HomeSecurityList at checkout.

Once again, thank you for your time Debbie! We do appreciate you answering these questions of ours. Best of luck to you and the Link Interactive team!

There you have it, folks. If you want an extensive, cost-effective home security solution for your home, you might want to consider Link Interactive.

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Note: This interview is neither sponsored nor paid for by Link Interactive. HSL is an independent company, and these interviews were conducted to give our readers pertinent consumer information about these brands which could help them in their future purchasing choices.

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