Interview With Noah Ney Of ScoutAlarm.Com: “We Are Set to Revolutionize The Smart Home Security Industry!”

This smart home device is one of the most successful crowdfunded home security system. With more than 60 press coverage and stories from the likes of Forbes and TechCrunch and partnerships with IFTTT and Nest, they are set to revolutionize the home security industry!

Ladies and gent, help me welcome Noah Ney, Head of Sales and Partnerships, at Scout Alarm!

Hey Noah, thanks for taking the time out of your bizzy dizzy sched! We are hope to learn more about your company and Scout Alarm after this interview!

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Without further delays, let’s get this started…

We’ve learned that Scout was born out of frustration. How did your journey began in the home security industry?

One of Scout’s co-founders had moved from a high-rise apartment with a doorman to a single family home in an up and coming area of Chicago. The need for home security was a must. Scout was born after realizing there was no modern approach to the security industry that only provided long-term expensive contracts.

So in early 2013…

You’ve sold over $200,000 worth of devices in one month and $500,000 by the end of your crowdfunding campaign. How has it been since then? What significant progress you’ve had over the last 3 years? What challenges with the technology you’ve dealt and overcame?

We see security as a wedge into the smart home. As more people continue to adopt smart home technology they see Scout as a great option to not only secure their home but add smart home functionality at the same time. Because of that we have seen significant growth since we’ve launched. It also helps to have best-in-class home automation partners; Nest, Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue, and LIFX.


What’s your 2 cents on all of this? If you’re to speak to a startup company today, what advice would you give them about DIY crowdfunding versus using a platform?

DIY Crowdfunding allows you more control over your campaign. You are not limited by time and there are less cost involved. If a startup is capable of reaching enough people to draw interest to fund their project -then go for it. Hustle to get free PR can help too. Otherwise, I would leverage the customer base of Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Great stuff!

In your fundable campaign you mentioned you’ll include a 1080p HD camera, a moisture sensor, a smoke and CO detector, and a glass break sensor. Any progress on any of these updates? Care to share with us now?

We are excited to launch these devices in late 2016

Some 3 months ago Scout Alarm have integrated with OK Google. Congratz on that! Did Google randomly selected Scout to be the first App to support this Google functionality? Can you tell us a bit more on that.

Last year at Google I/O (their annual developer conference) Google announced the functionality would be coming to Android in the fall, so our lead android developer was able to secure early access so we could be one of the initial apps that support it.

Scout Alarm and Nest Cam – perfect combination. But what about IFTTT? Can you demonstrate to us how Scout works with IFTTT?

With IFTTT integrated, you can connect Scout to over 175 smart home partners, instantly making Scout the most connected home security solution on the market. Creating IFTTT recipes with Scout allows you to customize your smart home setup across a wide array of partner products and services. A real smart home does the thinking for you. With IFTTT recipes, you tell Scout what you want it to do once and then watch it perform intuitively over time – without you lifting a finger.

The Door Panel comes with RFID sticker and key fobs. What are RFID stickers and key fobs? How do they work?

The key fob and RFID sticker both arm/disarm your Scout Alarm. The key fob can be placed on your keychain. The RFID sticker is great for placing on a small “secret object” in your home. If you lose your keys and don’t have your cell phone, you can arm/disarm with the secret object.


Do you have discount codes available today if ever our readers would like to order Scout Alarm? Any special announcements you want to mention?

Sorry no promo codes available at this time. You can check our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the latest on available promotions.

This is a gold mine of info!

Noah, it’s a great experience to have you with us! HSL would like to thank you and rest of the team back at Scout Alarm. We can’t wait to see the new additions you are working on!

As to our valued readers, check our full Scout Alarm coverage for more info! If you have further questions/concerns to ask, feel free to ask them in the comments below!

To our readers: International shipping for Scout Alarm System is not available at this time. Technical support are not provided and returns and warranty are void if you use the system outside of the US.

Becoming a dad ignited my interest in home security. I started with security systems and quickly fell in love with the fast-evolving internet of things (IoT). I love to review home security and smart home products, and learn about new technologies in the IoT space.

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