Introducing The $10,000+ Brown Safe Collection

If you are a practical individual, you probably don’t look for items with all the bells and whistles or for ones that have a high price tag, but little value. What the practical individual is looking are products that are durable, worthwhile, and have a nearly equal value to cost ratio.

Sometimes, on rare occasion, you may come across an item that doesn’t only look luxurious, but that also meets all of your expectations and needs. One such item on the market today is The Brown Safe Collection. The collection comprises various models of the Man Safe. While the price tag for most safes is in thousands, the safe has numerous practical functions that make it a worthy investment.

Let’s take a look at the Brown Safe Collection and what it has to offer.

Overview of the Brown Safe

Brown Safe is an online shop that sells numerous items, including the Brown Safe that is part of a collection of safes for use in either your office or home.

Brown Safe created the collection in order to provide men with not only an object that protects confidential information, but that does so in a sleek, sophisticated, and luxurious way. With the finest protection and the most convenient storage item, you will find that this safe is one of the best items to store your valuables.

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Storage of Watches and Other Items

Different safes are geared at storing various items. The Man Safe is a bit different in this respect. Unlike most other safes, the Man Safe is geared at protecting your most valuable watches. Most safes are equipped with a section to hang and lock in your watches. Once you place your watch in a slot, you can use a rotational winder to lock your watch in. With one single revolution, a series of oscillations gently move the watch back and forth to secure it in place.


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Secured Drawers

In addition to protective storage for your watches, the man safe also includes protective drawers to store items such as your keys, gun, wallet, and other valuables. Each drawer is lined with a velvet material that prevents your items from scratches or from scuffling around in the drawer.

Different models of the safe include more or less space. However, all of the safes include the necessary security features to keep your items stored away with the best protective items.

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Electronic Keypad Lock

The Brown Safe is equipped with a U.L Listed Group 2 High Security Lock. This type of security lock standard is given when it meets a third party standard. With this type of certification, you can feel confident that your safe meets certain security standards compared to other items on the market. A Group 2 Lock is a combination lock that is able to resist semiskilled manipulation attacks.


For better clarify, a manipulation attack is when someone uses a device to try to listen to the lock while moving it to open the safe. This type of lock is specifically designed to resist such attacks. Another quality of Group 2 Locks is with the minimum number of combinations being 1,000,000. With such a high number of minimum combinations, the lock is much more difficult to break into.

The particular U.L. Listed Group 2 High Security Lock is manufactured by La Gard, one of the most reputable producers on the market.

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Fingerprint Reading Lock

In addition to the keypad lock, the Brown Safe also includes a fingerprint reading lock. With this biometric feature, your fingerprint will be stored in the safe’s system. Upon pressing your finger on the keypad, the safe will assess your print and open the safe. Otherwise, if the wrong fingerprint is used, the safe will remain closed. The biometric feature of this safe is made with industrial grade casing, which gives the outer lock more protection.


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Ballistic Armor

One of the most interesting features of this safe is perhaps the ballistic armor that it is equipped with. The front of the safe features a ballistic armor plate. This means that someone can fire a .50 caliber bullet direction on the plate and the plate will not give way. If anything, the only implication that the bullets have on the safe is chipping off a bit of the paint. Otherwise, the safe remains in mint condition and your items are still protected.]

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Fire Resistance

Finally, the safe is created with industrial sheet metal and cladding. With these features, the safe is durable against a fire. Therefore, if your space burns down, your safe will remain completely in-tact.


Overall, the Brown Safe Collection provides users with quality, durability, practical features, and luxury. With this safe in your home or office, you will be able to protect your belongings with style.

Becoming a dad ignited my interest in home security. I started with security systems and quickly fell in love with the fast-evolving internet of things (IoT). I love to review home security and smart home products, and learn about new technologies in the IoT space.

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