MONI Home Security Review 2018

When it comes to keeping our families and homes safe, we want the best home security we can find. The idea that someone could break in and harm your family or steal your possessions is emotional. You want a system that you love. So is MONI a home security system you will love, or the one you will leave behind?

MONI keeps things simple by providing three plans. You can start small and progress to a higher level with more features, and with the LiveWatch merger, there are a lot more features to add.

The higher the level of the package you choose, the more equipment and monitoring features you can get. If you don’t want to go up a level you can still add some additional services a la carte. These are the current packages that MONI Home Security offers.

Packages Core Connected Comprehensive
Monthly Costs $39.99 Core + $10 Core + $20
Activation Costs $99 $99 $149
Contract Terms 36 or 60 months 36 or 60 months 36 or 60 months
Landline Requirement Yes No No
Touchscreen Keypad Yes Yes Yes
Weather Alerts No Yes Yes
Door/Window Sensors Yes Yes Yes
Yard Signs and Window Decals Yes Yes Yes
Remote Keychain Yes Yes Yes
Pet Sensitive Motion Detector Yes Yes Yes
Indoor Security Camera No Can be added for additional fee Yes
Heat, Smoke & Freeze Detectors Can be added for additional fee Can be added for additional fee Can be added for additional fee
Carbon Monoxide Detector Can be added for additional fee Can be added for additional fee Can be added for additional fee
Water Detection Can be added for additional fee Can be added for additional fee Can be added for additional fee
Two-Way Voice Communication Can be added for additional fee Can be added for additional fee Can be added for additional fee

Core Package

Activation Fee: $149

Monthly Price: $39.99

The Core package includes a 4G LTE wireless home security system, 24/7 monitoring, and ASAPer. You will also get a two-way voice service that is connected to the alarm panel.

One item that this package won’t support is the security camera. However, should you choose to upgrade you can add a security camera as you are able to increase your budget?

Connected Package

Activation Fee: $149

Monthly Price: $49.99

The connected package has all of the features of the Core package, but it adds a few new options to the mix. You will get Smartphone Control, which will allow you to use MONI’s mobile app to arm and disarm your system. You will also be able to set customizable texts and notification to alert you of changes in the system. These notifications will be sent to your mobile device.

Comprehensive Package

Activation Fee: $149

Price $59.99 to start

The Comprehensive package comes packed with both security and home automation features. It includes all of the features found in Core and Connect packages, as well as remote lighting, appliance control, automated locks, garage door and thermostat control.

This package also includes an indoor camera at no extra charge. If you want to add features like smart locks and smart thermostats you can add those to your automation package. Adding these features will allow you to manage all of your home automation devices using MONI.

MONI offers interactive monitoring services that allow you to check the status of your system and make changes to it while you are away from home. By partnering with MONI can provide remote access to control your thermostat, lighting and other connected devices when you add a home automation service.

You will also get a touchscreen panel that will allow you to control your MONI system when you are home. Each package will come with its own control panel, so depending on your service level you will get one of three options when it comes to control panels:

  • Core: with this package, you will get the 2GOG GO!Control keypad which allows for two-way communication, weather updates, and one-touch arm and disarms features.
  • Connected: with this package, you will get the Interlogix Simon XTi which allows you to control your system using your smartphone, you can talk to control center personnel using their two-way voice service, you can also activate panic and silent mode features.
  • Comprehensive: with this package, you will get the Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000, this is one of the more advanced control panels, you can view videos, communicate via two-way voice and control your panel with your smartphone

Five Reasons to Like MONI


Home Automation

MONI also offers a home automation service, it comes in three forms: video, control and energy management. These services are only available to Comprehensive package customers. Their automation features are available using the app. The app can let you control your smart home devices and security system, monitor your home, get notification and access ASAPer.

MONI recently merged with LiveWatch, so we have LiveWatch to thank for the ASAPer technology. By using this interactive messaging hub you can consolidate communications during a triggered event. This will allow you to better secure your home or apartment.

ASAPer allows you to set a list of contacts that will be contacted in the event of an alarm. They will contact everyone at the same time, so if you are away from home one of your contacts can manage the situation for you. You can also communicate with your selected contacts using a chat room.

If you travel a lot ASAPer is a great service to have, you won’t have to worry about your home while you area away. But this is just the beginning of MONI’s home automation features, you also have a variety of home security cameras that you can add to your service.


Home Security Cameras

Indoor Wi-Fi Fixed Camera

This is the most basic of the four cameras, it is designed to be an indoor only camera. It does not come with night vision, but you can view feed remotely from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. It can also send you email and text alerts should the camera detect motion.

Indoor Wi-Fi Fixed Camera with Night Vision

Picture the Indoor Wi-Fi Fixed Camera with added night vision.

Indoor Wi-Fi Pan-and-Tilt Camera

This camera allows you to view your home from a variety of angles using the tilt and pan features. You can also control this camera using your smartphone, laptop or tablet, and it comes with night vision.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision

This camera will let you see what is happening outside of your house, even in the dark. Like the other cameras, you can stream live videos using your smartphone or laptop, and you can access data from the cloud when an event is triggered.


Control and Energy Management

MONI’s home automation will allow you to control small appliances, locks, doorbells and other smart home devices when you have the Comprehensive plan. You can add devices from a variety of manufacturers to create a fully functioning smart home that allows you to manage lighting, thermostats and even your garage door using a smartphone.


Medical Management

With the Connect and Comprehensive plans, you can get medical monitoring services. You will receive either a pendant or a watch that will allow you to connect with a certified operator in the event you experience a medical emergency.


Free Moving Program

If you need to move MONI wants to make it as easy as possible to take your home security system with you. They will schedule a date, and install a brand new system in your new place. However, there are a few things you should be aware of.

First, you will need to sign a contract extension to get the Free Moving service. Next, you will need to choose a moving kit. Moving kits require either a 12-month extension or a 24-month extension that comes with 2 additional sensors.

In addition, you will need to have 1-year with MONI and your bill must be current. You will also get a new 36-month contract at the minimum required monthly rate. The owner of the home has to be you and within the MONI service area to take advantage of the program.

Final thoughts about MONI

There are some things we like about MONI, and some things we would like to see changed. They do an admiral job at providing home security and home automation services. And they have kept their prices in line with the majority of their competitors.

You also only need to pay one fee for activation, which makes it easy for the customer to know what to expect in terms of payment. They will send professional installers to set up your service as well, which is great if you aren’t that handy. And you can also upgrade your package to get additional features.

What we don’t like is the 36-month contract. With the fluidity of our economy and the expansion of the home security sector, 36 months just seems a bit dated. There are also a lot of requirements around the “free” moving program. Tying a customer into a longer contract just because they moved is not really cool with us.

But if you are looking for a solid solution that provides both home security and home automation, MONI is worth a look.

7.5 Total Score
Easy to install. Has some decent equipment and features. It's cost more than it's competitors

MONI is a decent home security system. It can do the job. But with contracts of 36 and 60 months, you need to be ready to make a long-term commitment.

  • Easy to install
  • Modern, high tech equipment
  • Good professional monitoring service
  • It can get pricey
  • Contracts start at 36 months
  • If you move you will have to extend your contract
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