Protection 1 Review + Buyer’s Guide [2017 Packages]

Founded in 1988, Protection 1 has become of the largest home security providers in the nation.

Their commitment to staying current when it comes to technology, and their dedication to providing an above and beyond customer service experience has made them one of the most popular companies in the industry.

With a variety of packages, customers have options that start with a basic security package and end with a full home automation system that provides some of the best home security and home automation devices in the market.

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You can also choose to have your equipment installed by a professional, however,  there is some confusion around the installation fee, it can be a $99 fee, or with video added a $199 fee, or it can also be free. There is no real data about this on the Protection 1 site, but I was able to get some information after making a few calls. The first agent I spoke with agent advised me it was free however, on another call I as given a basic rate of $99, and $199 if I wanted video monitoring service.

The best way to determine if you have a fee is to call or you can choose a DIY option if you prefer to set your system up on your own. These are the current packages offered by Protection 1 and what they include.

Features Secure Secure + Smart Control Video
24/7 Monitoring
Intrusion Protection
Fire & Carbon Monoxide Protection
Environmental & Life Safety
Cellular Communication
2-Way Voice
Web and App Control
Motion Sensors
Home & Energy Automation
Video Surviellance

If you want to know pricing for a specific package it will require a phone call to Protection 1. The good news is they don’t use high-pressure sales tactics, and they are super friendly. Each package includes a color touchscreen control panel, three door/window sensors, a motion sensor, keychain remote, yard sign, three window decals and a battery back-up along with their 24/7 monitoring services.

One issue with the Secure plan is that it requires a landline phone. This plan is the most affordable at a rate of $34.99 per month. But if you don’t have a landline phone, and you aren’t willing to add one you will have to choose one of the other three package options.

Additional Equipment

If you want to add equipment that is not a part of your package, Protection 1 will allow you to add it for an additional charge. You can add cameras (you can choose from indoor night vision, indoor pan/tilt and outdoor) garage door controllers, lighting control, remote door locks, thermostats and wireless doorbells. To get pricing you will need to call them to get a quote.

Protection 1  will work with you to create a custom package and give you the price for the package. Their equipment is easy for you to install and usually more up to date than some of their competitors. They also have smart home automation plans and video monitoring packages available. They include features that allow you to view what is happening in your home using a smartphone app.

Their app also allows you to control remote door locks, lights and the temperature in your home. The majority of their service is managed over a cellular signal, which means if someone tries to cut wires to your power the system can still communicate with the monitoring center.

If you don’t have cellular service in our area, or the signal isn’t strong enough to support the system, they do have a landline option that can provide a better connection. They also pay up to $1000 towards your insurance deductible should you encounter damage or loss due to a burglary or fire.


All of the packages require a contract, the minimum contract length for your Protection 1 plan is 36 months. While this allows them to keep the prices lower than some of their competitors, you do have to pay the full amount of the remainder of the contract if you decide to end your plan with them.

If you need to move to a new location during the duration of your contract and you are staying within the service area Protection 1 will install a new system into the new home and pay $150 of your activation fee.

Additional Fees

The cancellation fee is often of the main reasons customers choose a company that is month-to-month or one that has no fee over Protection 1. While you can cancel your service with the first 14 days without the cancellation fee you will still be subject to a $79 restocking fee. And if you wait to cancel after the 14 days you would be required to pay the remainder of your contract.

Customer Service

Protection 1 is dedicated to having the best customer service in the industry. You can contact a representative by phone, email or chat, and regardless of how you contact them, you will always be interacting with a real person. Their agents are friendly and knowledgeable, so if you often dread calling customer service, this is one time that you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

The two times I called Protection 1 the customer service agents were very professional and friendly, although they gave me conflicting information on what the installations fees were.

Home Automation

This is one area where Protection 1 has a head up on the competition. While their first go at home automation was less, much less, than spectacular, they recognized it and made a smart course correction.  Now they use the app, which is often considered one of the smartest home automation apps around.

They also use for their home automation services, this lets you control your smart door locks, lights, thermostats and appliances using Z-Wave technology. They also use geo-services, including geofencing, this allows you to set rules and zones that can turn devices on and off automatically.

Geofencing allows you to create barriers that allow the home automation system to know when everyone has left the home and when they return. It can deactivate the alarm when it knows you are home and activate once it identifies that everyone has left the home. It can also lock the doors and windows should you leave and forget to do it yourself.

You set the rules and geofencing will take care of the rest. You will also receive notifications via the smartphone app if your system detects an intruder or fire or CO leaks.

Monitoring Packages Compared

Company Protection 1 FrontPoint Protect America ADT
Monthly Monitoring Fee $34.99 $34.99* $19.99* $27.99
Installation Fee $99.00 None None $99.00
Equipment Cost None $99.00 None None
Control Panel
Motion Detectors Included
Door/Window Sensor Included
Crash and Smash Protection
Security Camera ** for an additional cost **
Smoke Detector
Monitoring Form Cellular Cellular Broadband/Landline Cellular
iOS/Android Apps
Contract Length 36 Months 36 Months 36 Months 36 Months

**only available with premium and video packages


Protection 1 has a lot of positive attributes, in addition to providing high-quality equipment, it also provides you with the ability to create a fully functional home automation system. By adding as their home automation provider the are now able to expand the systems by being able to connect a variety of Z-Wave devices.

They also make being a customer easy. Their agents are friendly and for the most part knowledgeable. In terms of areas of improvement, Protection 1 has a few. First, you should review the contract terms and cancellation fees. As more providers move to no contract or no cancellation fee options, making customers pay the remainder of a 36-month contract feels outdated.

While they offer a 14-dayare return policy, you will still have to pay them a $79 restocking fee, which doesn’t leave you feeling warm and fuzzy when you have only just started your service. And while they run promotions, they often require an even longer contract period that can be up to 58 months.

That being said if you want a monitored security system that excels at home automation and you don’t mind a 36-month contract with a cancellation fee, Protection 1 is an option you should consider.

If you want to choose Protection 1 over ADT because you don’t like their service there is something you should know, ADT acquired Protection 1 in 2016. While both remain independent home security providers today, Protection 1’s future is a bit uncertain. They could remain as they are today, or they could possibly be rolled into the ADT brand.

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Wireless device options
  • Home automation solutions
  • Video Surveillance

  • Contract terms are long
  • You can expect price increases when contract expire
  • You don’t own the devices

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