A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System Review (May 2023)

Are you considering protecting your business or home with a security camera system? It can get pretty overwhelming when you are looking at this genre of multi-camera DVR kits.

After all, they require more setup work than just setting a camera on a table and turning it on. Systems in this genre are honestly more geared towards the more hardcore home protection enthusiast or the small business owner. For example, if you own a gas station, camera systems like these are a great idea.

If you’ve landed on this review, chances are you’re considering buying the A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System but need further details in order to know if it’s right for you. Today, I’ll guide you through its features, strong and weak points, and many other important details you need to know before making the purchase.

First Impression

There are a lot of small companies manufacturing white-label gadgets and selling them as generic products on websites like Amazon. A-ZONE Security Equipment Co. falls somewhere in-between by manufacturing their own security camera systems and network video recording (NVR) solutions under their own brand name, mainly for the budget market.

Based in Shenzhen, China, A-ZONE is a decent-sized tech company specializing in security camera systems. Known for their well-equipped testing facilities and powerful technical force, the company makes all kinds of smart security solutions like camera modules, analog cameras, HD analog and HD IP cameras, speed dome cameras, and many more.

What makes them a top choice among security camera enthusiasts and security service companies is that they offer a wide range of quality security camera systems with stylish designs and at very reasonable prices, too. By delivering top value for budget-conscious customers, A-ZONE gradually propelled itself to the upper rank of trusted providers in security solutions.

The A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System & 2TB Hard Drive is one of their best-sellers. With 4 HD 1.0-megapixel bullet cameras, pre-installed 2TB hard drive, and advanced HD HVR system, the package is mega-value, with the price currently below $300 on Amazon. It’s arguably one of the best in the market, with user-friendly and hassle-free setup.

A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System

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What’s in the Box?

The product arrived in perfect condition and is neatly and tightly packed in a box, weighing about 6.5 kilos. The package may seem large at first but once you open it, you’ll immediately notice that the camera system is actually quite compact and well-built.

pack1 pack2 pack4The A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System comes with the following features and functions:

  • 4 Analog High Definition (AHD) heavy-duty metal waterproof IP67 bullet cameras with 1.0 megapixel 720p resolution for crisp and clear video quality

c1 c2 c3

  • Advanced 3-in-1 1080p HD HVR system (DVR/NVR/HVR) camera system allows for HD video quality on various modes; connects to and manages all cameras on a single network


  • Pre-installed 2TB hard drive (can be expanded up to 4TB) for continuous high-res recording up to 60 days max
  • Motion detection function can detect any movement, with instant email alerts that will be sent periodically to the user to leave plenty of time for precautions
  • QR Code scan on the DVR using the XMEye app (available on Android and iOS) allows for easy setup and instant access for live viewing and playback
  • Mobile phone view allows for remote access of security camera system anytime and anywhere, via Internet-enabled smartphone or tablet
  • Auto IR-Cut with 36 infrared LEDs for crystal-clear day and night vision up to 100 feet / 30 meters
  • CE & FCC certified, with qualified power supplies; included 1-Year Guarantee and free lifetime tech support

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Other Features and Specifications

The A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System uses cords, connecting directly to your router via an Ethernet cable. This means that the power and signal are more stable compared to a wireless system, and you won’t have to risk losing crucial monitoring time in case you encounter some issues with your Wi-Fi.

You can connect the power supply to a wall or an adapter, depending on the length of the wire. However, some people, particularly homeowners, may not find this appealing especially those who prefer to be more casual about their home security and want something that’s easier to set up and more aesthetically pleasing, like a wireless system.

There are many other products out there that are more suitable for homeowners, like the Nest Cam security camera. But if you need a more serious, feature-rich camera security system, you’ll be better off with the A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System.

The DVR had no issue recognizing the 2TB hard drive, which is a plus considering that this is often a problem with other brands.

Once connected, all 4 bullet cameras were up and running without a hitch. The pre-built 2TB hard drive is more than enough for keeping a lot of recording time and the fact that the videos are stored in compressed MP4 format allows for more recording storage. And as mentioned earlier, the system has infrared night vision, with stunning clarity that’s on-par with most better-known brands. As for the cameras, they are especially built for outdoor security as they are weather-proof. Built with heavy-duty metal, these cameras can make it through harsh weather conditions.

Other product details include the following:

  • 4 x 50ft BNC cables
  • 2 x 1 to 4 power splitter cable
  • DC 12V / 1A power adapter for cameras
  • DC 12V / 2A power adapter for DVR
  • 1 x USB wired mouse
  • Software CD with instruction manual
  • DVR is compatible with Internal SATA 3.5” Consumer Electronics HDD
  • Support for 1008p AHD video input
  • HDMI and VGA output for more flexible display
  • Multiple recording modes and playback
  • Motion detection and email alerts, with option to have the system alert you or set off the alarm when motion is detected or when camera is tampered with
  • Support for 1 SATA port (up to 4TB)
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports for mouse control operation, backup, burning, and upgrade



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A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System Highlights

You Can Cut Costs for Installation

Installing the security is simple and easy, with the IPC and DVR connected to a single cable that supplies both power and video signal. Overall, the system is very flexible, allowing you to set it up according to your requirements. It automatically records video and gives you high-quality visual display, which is a big plus point.

High-Tech Remote Access

Apart from being a robust CCTV camera, the A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System is also an outstanding Peer to Peer Internet Protocol (P2P IP) camera that allows you to remotely access and start viewing a live feed of your system, regardless of place or time. Simply use your smartphone or tablet, download the free XMEye app on Android or iOS, scan the QR code, and access the system through the NVR on your computer after logging in to your account. Now, you don’t have to worry about not being in touch with your home or business when you’re out because you’ll always be connected with this security system on the go.


Crystal-Clear Visual Display

For a budget security camera system, this product exceeded everyone’s expectation with its crisp and clear image quality.  The 1280×720 pixels make it a better option than any other product in the same budget spectrum. It’s reportedly three times better than other budget camera systems in the market, with clear details and superior recognition.


Superior Day and Night Monitoring

The A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System features an automatic infrared function that allows accurate video recording color regardless of the time of day. Light conditions don’t affect the recording’s quality and even if it’s dark, you won’t miss out on the important details, thanks to the 36 infrared LEDs that lets you get a clear visual display in dark conditions, up to 100 feet.


Sturdy and Weatherproof

The outdoor CCTV bullet cameras are made out of high-quality metal. Setting it up outside your home or business establishment is relatively easy and worry-free, especially since it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the camera system has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP67. This CCTV rating indicates the level of sealing for devices against foreign bodies like dirt, dust, tools, moisture, etc. With an IP67 rating, it means that the A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System is completely dust tight and can withstand moisture equivalent to a 12.5mm powerful water jet from any angle. However, the product isn’t entirely waterproof, which means it can’t be immersed in water with a depth of at least 1 meter.

proofApart from this, the system has motion sensing control and you can set an alarm via email or client software. It also saves video recordings automatically so you can replay videos and view them again.

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Side-by-Side Comparison

Apart from the A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System, there are two other products under the same budget spectrum that are worth your consideration: the Annke P2P 4CH 720P 1280×720 HDMI All-in-one Complete CCTV System and the ZOSI 1080P 4CH DVR with 4X 1080P HD Outdoor Home Security Video Surveillance Camera System.

Below is a side-by-side comparison to help clear the confusion and make choosing the right security solution a lot easier:

A-ZONE DVR Security Camera System ZOSI Home Security Video Surveillance Camera System Annke CCTV Camera System
No. of CCTV Channels 4 4 2
Type of Camera AHD 1.0 megapixels (1280×720) bullet camera AHD 3.6 megapixels (1920 x 1080) bullet camera AHD 1.0 megapixels (1280×720) bullet camera
Pre-Installed HDD 2 TB (expandable up to 4TB) 1 TB 1 TB
CCTV Cable 4 x 50ft BNC cables 4 x 50ft BNC cables 2 x 60ft BNC cables
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP67 No IP Rating IP66
3-in-1 DVR/HVR/NVR
Scan QR Code with FREE App for Remote Monitoring
Motion Detection & Instant Email Alerts
Auto Infrared (IR) Cut for Day & Night Vision
IR Remote Control
HDMI & VGA Output
Advanced H.264 Video Compression to Save Storage Space
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Pros and Cons

Security camera systems are an efficient security measure that offers a wide range of benefits. But just like any other modern innovation, they also come with a few drawbacks. If you’re thinking about purchasing and installing the A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System at home or in your office, consider the following pros and cons first:

  • Competitively priced
  • Large pre-built 2TB hard drive for storing a lot of recording time, with videos in compressed MP4 format
  • Superior camera construction with a sturdy build that is sealed well to protect the camera for both indoor and outdoor use
  • No monthly/annual fees and contracts
  • Watch video recordings live as they happen from your iOS or Android device using the XMEye app
  • Ability to save screenshots, pause/record/stop video recording anytime
  • Option to have the system alert you or set off the alarm when motion is detected
  • Top-notch night vision up to 100 feet
  • Camera system is directly connected to the router via an Ethernet cable so you won’t risk losing hours of monitoring due to Wi-Fi issues

  • It’s not wireless. If you’re looking at systems for your home, you may prefer a wireless system
  • Minor issues with the Android app, with some customers complaining about a network error upon scanning the QR code to add the cameras. I experienced the same but when I closed the app and opened it again, my camera was there as it should be.

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Bottom Line

The A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System is a great value.

I honestly didn’t expect much from this newish brand. After trying it out I can say it’s an affordable, compact system with a nice, modern design and sturdy build. It allows you to view crystal-clear images and video recording as it happens and even after the actual time. The user manual that comes with the package makes installation pretty easy as well. The 1-year warranty is a big plus since it keeps the maintenance secured and you don’t need to spend extra cash in case you encounter minor glitches with the system. What’s more, it won’t lock you into a long-term contract, so this alone deserves your consideration.


Apart from being weatherproof, the security system also has a motion sensing feature, alarm system, and has a playback feature, as well. Image quality is simply stunning and allows a long recording period, considering it has a spacious 2TB pre-built HDD and advanced H.264 video compression. It offers smart, easy-to-use protection that’s carefully thought out and most importantly, it just works. We think this security system is best used in business locations like retail shops, convenience stores, gas stations, and any other small business that could be covered by 4 cameras. However, it may not be a top choice for those who live in apartments, as well as for homeowners who want something pretty and more discreet, like an easy-to-setup wireless system.

The A-ZONE 4ch AHD 1080P DVR Security Camera System provides the best opportunity for you to be connected to your home or business even when you’re not around. It’s a perfect choice if you’re looking forward to buying one. Everything worked out better than expected and we’re more than a little impressed. It’s definitely worth the investment and it will certainly not disappoint you in the long run.

I’m interested to see what A-ZONE’s other products are capable of. They did mention they are preparing to launch some new fully wireless products for your home or apartment. Let’s see what they come up with!

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    I had electricians set up my system, which is my first mistake since it’s still a mystery to me, but , you know time. I think I will learn it though if I can disable the alarm and get some sleep. It’s in my room and I don’t know how to disable the alarm, or why the system keeps disconnecting and re-connecting.Help!!

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