iSmart Alarm Self Monitoring System Review (May 2023)

ISmartAlarm_LogoWith all of the innovation going on in the home security industry, it can be difficult to differentiate from the many new options that are becoming available. The iSmartAlarm, an all-in-one home security system, has set its sights on being a game changer in a crowded market.

The purpose of this review is to give you an idea of what the iSmartAlarm is while walking you through some of the many advantages and disadvantages of what it offers. After reading the review, the hope is that you be able to make a more educated decision about whether or not the iSmartAlarm is the right security option for your home.


The iSmartAlarm is an DIY, all-in-one home security system that includes an advanced control panel, motion sensor, multiple window and door sensors, and remote tags. The brand has developed a solid reputation among users for their strong customer service and the advanced features of the device. The device is controlled via a mobile app, where users can also view live streaming video with the purchase of the iCamera.

  • Top notch customer service
  • Absolutely no contracts or monthly fees
  • Everything is 100% wireless
  • Easy to setup
  • Home automation capabilities
  • Multiple accessories available for a fully customizable home security experience

  • Video camera has to bought separately unless purchasing premium package
  • Reliability of mobile app is regularly questioned
  • Adding new sensors can be difficult
  • Setup and ongoing use can be a challenge for the non tech savvy

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Compare Monitoring Packages


There are three different packages available with the iSmartAlarm. Each has the same basic capabilities, although there are different amounts and types of accessories included. Here is a more detailed look into the differences between the three:

Monitoring Packages Preferred Deluxe Premium
Price $199.00 $249.95 $349.00
Contact Sensors 2 2 2
Motion Sensor
Remote Tags 2 2 2
iSmartAlarm window stickers
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What Do iSmartAlarm Customers Say?

The opinion about iSmartAlarm has fluctuated quite a bit over the years. While there are quite a few negative reviews, most of them are from back in 2013 when the device was first created and kinks had not yet been worked out. A large portion of the more recent reviews are much more favorable towards both the device and the brand as a whole.

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Positive Reviews

A lot of the positive reviews associated with iSmartAlarm have pointed towards the brands strong customer service and willingness to continually improve the product. For the most part, people that were patient enough to stick with the device until the kinks were worked out are very happy with its reliability and functionality.

The system is a great system, experienced some initial growing pains, but I’ve found it works very well and is what I was looking for. They’ve been responsive to ideas and suggestions and based on some conversations with them, I am also excited about some of the new features and devices they plan to add.

David, Amazon Review, 1/3/2014

Simple to setup (Android). Does a great job for the price. (Get your own Foscam camera.) Lots of customization features – e.g., time to activate and deactivate alarm. No monthly fees. Phone and text alerts. Exactly what I wanted.

Verified Purchaser, Amazon Review, 2/14/2014
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Negative Reviews

As has been mentioned, most of the negative reviews that you will find were from users that purchased the system in mid to late 2013, when the iSmartAlarm was first available to consumers. The major recent issues that users have talked about include problems with the camera and the difficulty of set up for the non tech savvy.

This camera is awful. It’s delayed by several seconds and the focus is terrible. The picture I do manage to get is stuck on one image a lot and I have to reopen the app. The sound doesn’t work most of the time and when it does it’s broken up and impossible to hear. I read great reviews, but I’m very unhappy with it and am looking for another brand. The whole iSmartAlarm system I’m very happy with, so the camera was a huge disappointment.

S. Hill, Amazon Review, 12/10/2015

This product has good potential. But it just doesn’t live up to the hype. Just very hard to get all sensors working. I really do not want to have to go through the hassle to research how to get it working. Another thing is the alarm itself is a joke. Sounds like a kids toy siren. Wouldn’t scare anyone away from it. It needs a much louder siren to deter burglars.

Paul P., Amazon Review, 9/26/2015
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Unique Benefits of iSmartAlarm

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While the some of the older iCameras have been complained about regularly by users, the newly developed iCameraKEEP seems to have solved many of the previous issues. It has some pretty cool iCamera capabilities, including the ability to pan and tilt from the mobile app, live stream with night vision, and talk using two-way audio. The iCameraKEEP even has motion sensors included.

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The wide array of accessories available with the original package make it easy for users to customize their self-monitoring experience. You can purchase and integrate everything from more contact and motion sensors to additional iCameras. This makes it possible to use the iSmartAlarm for any size home and possibly even for a business.

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Strong Customer Support

The customer support for iSmartAlarm was once a major issue with users. As the brand has grown, however, so too has their commitment to delivering top notch customer support to their customers. They have an online support center that features tons of great information and even have a fairly active forum where you can get answers to any question you may have. In addition, they offer both phone and ticket support.

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Completely Self-Monitored

The fact that there are no contracts or monthly fees associated with using the iSmartAlarm is a major perk to most users. Security companies are notorious for overcharging and including hidden fees, making the self-monitoring aspect of the iSmartAlarm a feature that is more than welcome in the home security industry.

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Continually Improving

The iSmartAlarm brand has made it clear that they are committed to continually improving their product. This has been obvious through their ability to go from dozens of negative reviews back in 2013 to only a handful of similar reviews today. Everything from the issues with the iCamera to consistent app errors seem to be completely fixed. This speaks to the reliability of the brand going forward.

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iSmartAlarm Reviews

Do you own an iSmartAlarm? If so, we would love to hear about your experience with it. We encourage you to complete a short review for us so you can help ensure that future users are fully educated about what they can expect from the iSmartAlarm. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Last update was on: May 28, 2023 5:29 pm
9 Total Score
No Contract, Easy App, 100% Wireless

No monthly fees and long contracts is one of the best things with iSmart. Control home security through its easy to use mobile app. Wireless Systems. Downside: Problems with video camera.

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