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Hi there, and welcome to my in-depth Link Interactive review, covering monitoring plans, equipment, features, pricing, contract fine print, customer sentiment and much more.

Let’s quickly go over the basics of home security in 2017. Today you can choose from two types of security solutions:

  • Self-Monitored – you get alerts on your phone and it’s up to you to call the police, fire department, or do nothing.
  • Professionally monitored – you can still monitor things yourself and get alerts on your mobile devices. However, when the system detects an intrusion, it alerts a fast-response monitoring center and they call the police or fire department in seconds.

Link Interactive is among several professionally-monitored home security providers who are very popular right now, quickly gaining market share from slow-moving companies like ADT.

Let’s continue with an in-depth review of Link Interactive so that you can make an informed decision:

Link Interactive is owned by Mountain Alarm, a home security provider that has been in business since 1950.

The company is widely recognized for its reliable and effective home security solutions.

Compared to other home security systems, Link Interactive really does give you all of the “bells and whistles” in terms of features. For example, the company is especially heavy in the home automation arena, putting them in a competitive position with Vivint while having more friendly contract terms and no surprise fees.

For those who are unfamiliar with home security terminology, home automation is automatic control of household activities.

In this case, the home automation extends to security features. The security features that Link Interactive automates for your convenience include:

  • Home locks
  • Lights
  • Temperature
  • Small appliances
  • Garage doors
  • The alarm system
  • Security camerasalarmSuite

The automated technology derives from software provided by The partnership between Link Interactive and has enabled the company to provide you with a larger array of home automation features and up-to-date technology. Since software provided by is used, you will need to download their application to your smart phone in order to use the automated features. Alternatively, you can also access the software on your computer.

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When choosing a home security system, one of the first questions to ask is: “What makes this company different?” As Link Interactive points out, there are two key features that it offers that you cannot find elsewhere. These features include: Central Monitoring Station and a Reliable Cellular System.

The Central Monitoring System is a “backup” security system in case you do not have your smart phone to receive message alerts. Once the system realizes that you do not have a mobile device on hand, the 24/7 central station monitoring capabilities kick-in. The central monitoring station will contact you through a 2-way voice panel that the company installs in your home. If you do not respond to panel, the company will contact emergency services. Essentially, as the company explains, “we have your back.”

The second feature that sets Link Interactive apart is the Reliable Cellular System. Link Interactive recognizes that your internet connection may not always be reliable, thereby exposing the security of your home. Rather than solely rely on an internet connection for security needs, the company provides a cellular based security system. This way, your home security is not solely reliant upon the internet, but has a secondary option.

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Comparison Table

Link Interactive ADT xfinity INSTEON
Professional Monitoring Fee $39.99/mo $47.99/mo $39.95/mo No professional monitoring
100% Wireless $ Cellular
Remote Access & Control
Instant Security Alerts
Easy DIY Setup
Portable System
24/7 Professional Monitoring
Crash & Smash Protection
Smoke & Heat Monitoring
Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
Water and Flood Monitoring
Control Panel with Cellular Link
Automatic Alerts with Geo-Tracking
Remote Light Control
Control Thermostat
2-Way Voice
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If you still are not sold on a DIY system, then you just may be after reading about the advantages of Link Interactive’s DIY System. With this security system, you have a multitude of features that truly make monitoring your home a simple and seamless process:

  • The DIY system provides you with the same protection as a non-DIY system
  • You can customize Link Interactive’s DIY System by choosing which product features you want and abandoning those that you do not need
  • The DIY system also allows you to work within your budget. Link Interactive is recognized for its affordable home security features, making it easy to find what you need at an affordable price
  • Setting up the DIY system is easy and you do not need an electrician or have any electrical experience.
  • Link Interactive’s security system includes cameras – thereby creating a deterrent effect upon potential burglers and giving you another level of security

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Build Your Own Security Package

As mentioned above, Link Interactive’s security system is highly customizable. With this system, you can build your own security package, which includes features based on your budget and needs. The benefit of building a package is that it gives you more freedom and it does not lock you into features that you don’t need and should not have to pay for.

A few of the most common features that you can choose from include 24/7 monitoring, smash and crash technology, tamper resistance, cellular communication, remote access and control, real-time email and text alerts, lighting control, lock control, temperature control, video monitoring, weather alerts, and geo-fencing.


Out of all of these features, the geo-fencing is perhaps the most interesting. While geo-fencing technology is not new, it is always useful to have it in a home monitoring system. The technology essentially enables you to create a parameter around your home. Once a monitored feature exits the parameters, the alarm goes off and an alert is sent to you. This feature enables you to keep a better watch on what takes place around your home and it offers you the convenience of knowing that your space is completely secure.

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Security Packages Table

Basic Fire & Security Package Energy Management & Security Package Premium Plus Video, Energy & Securiy Package
Price $179 $350 $598
Per Mo Monitoring $39.99 $39.99 $44.99
Link Interactive Go!Control Cellular Panel 1 1 1
Wireless Door/Window Sensors 3 3 5
Wireless Motion Sensor 1 1 2
Wireless Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor 1 1 1
Z-Wave Light/Appliance Modules 2 2
Z-Wave Thermostat 1 1
HD100 Indoor Camera with Night Vision 2
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In addition to the features that you can include when you build your own security package, there is also a range of equipment available to provide you with better monitoring capabilities. While you can always use pre-existing equipment (which is another benefit) you can also order equipment form the company.


The equipment the company provides include the following:

  • 2-way voice systems
  • wireless system
  • door and window sensors
  • motion sensors
  • indoor and outdoor cameras
  • glass-break detectors
  • smoke and CO detectors
  • lighting controls
  • thermostats
  • garage door controls
  • door locks
  • disaster sensors


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Link Interactive is affordable and the pricing structure is quite simple.

The monitoring system starts at only $39.99 per month and if you want video included, then it is an additional $5 per month. The features of the lowest pricing structure are 24/7 monitoring, life safety, advanced interactive, a smart application for your phone and tablet, home automation and energy features, and the video monitoring option if you pay the extra $5 per month.

There are two other great qualities worth mentioning when it comes to pricing. First, the system is 40% cheaper than the company’s competitors. Meaning, you are always going to save more with Link Interactive.

When you sign up for a package, you also receive free expert tech support, which can be contacted by phone, chat, or email. Finally, you also have a 30-day money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for whatever reason.

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Monitoring Plans Reviewed

Gold Platinum
24x7 Professional Monitoring
Life Safety
Advance Interactive
Smart Apps for your phone & Tablet
Home Automation & Energy Management
Video Monitoring
Live Video Streaming
Motion Activated Video Recording
HD & Night Vision Capabilities
Record Video Footage
Scheduled Video Footage
Monthly Price $39.99 $44.99
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Pros and Cons Summary

  • Easy DIY setup
  • Affordable
  • Has a large array of home automation features
  • Provides its clients a back up security systems (aka Central Monitoring Station) if in case you are not able to receive message alerts to your smart phone
  • Provides a cellular based security system, thus, clients do not have to rely solely on the internet connection
  • You can build your own security package
  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • No professional installation option
  • 3 year contract

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To sum up our Link Interactive review: If you are looking for a high-quality, effective, and reliable home security system that has been in the business for years, then this company is it. Here, you can also customize your home security system, all at an affordable price.

9.6 Total Score
Easy DIY Setup, Affordable, Large Array of Home Automation Features

Systems are are affordable and is impressive. Easy to set up and expert customer support is also available before, during and after the installation through phone, email, live-chat and videos provided. Its large array of home automaton features make clients feel more safe even away from home. No professional installation.

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