Medical Guardian Review (Dec 2022)

Protecting yourself and your loved ones from emergency situations is a vital aspect in home security. However, it’s only as good as your monitoring system. For some people, this means making sure the entire family’s taken care of in case of a medical emergency. For this, a medical alert system can offer peace of mind and security, especially to those who are at risk of emergency medical situations.

Whether it’s for your complete peace of mind, the opportunity to continue living an active lifestyle, or a renewed sense of independence, there’s a single solution that provides everything a client could ever need in a medical alert system: Medical Guardian.

Medical Guardian is one, if not the best, medical alert system providers this 2017. The company is a leading provider in home and personal alert systems; well-known for their line of superior quality, high-technology packages to fit your needs and lifestyle. This is topped with excellent customer service that’s second to none. Many customers love them for their fair pricing and how upfront they are with their information. What’s more, their equipment have sleek and stylish designs, and are engineered to have the latest cellular, GPS, and fall detection options, among many others.

So what’s so good about their line of medical alert systems? In this Medical Guardian review, we’re going to explore the features of their highly popular medical and security monitoring equipment, and how they can help ensure you and your family’s personal safety.

What Is Medical Guardian?

Medical Guardian is a leader among new-generation medical alert companies that aim to bring new technologies to consumers looking to have peace of mind when it comes to home and personal security. Backed with more than 30 years of experience and expertise in providing reliable medical and security monitoring services, Medical Guardian is a fast-growing company that’s built on the foundation that their products can help people lead happy and independent lives, particularly elderly customers who wish to age gracefully in their preferred environment. Bolstered by positive reviews and their dedications to provide customers with good value, the company continues to attract more clients into their fold.

Medical Guardian offers standard home medical alert systems that are compatible with land phone lines. There may be a growing interest in wireless and mobile systems, but having a standard medical alert system installed at home is still largely acknowledged, as it offers reliable protection for seniors, at a very affordable cost. The company offers both home medical alert base station equipment and mobile systems that you can use at home, at work, or even while travelling. Seniors can choose from their line of cutting-edge medical alert systems that are not just well-designed, but are fully functional and built to address their specific needs. Medical Guardian’s medical alert equipment come with accurate fall detection functionalities, along with wireless and mobile monitoring units, complete with GPS tracking – features that cater to the immediate needs of the elderly.

It’s good to know that the company doesn’t force customers to work with long-term contracts but for those who choose to, they’ll be rewarded with a lot of perks and benefits such as free shipping and a month’s worth of free service. There are various packages and plans to choose from, with budget-friendly prices starting from $29.95 per month – no hidden charges and no extra shipping or activation fees. These features and offers, combined with a team of experts in medical emergency monitoring, make Medical Guardian a top choice when it comes to customized alert options and speedy service.

Keep the Elders Safe with a Medical Alert System

Accidents happen without a warning. It takes place every day, at any given time. Every year, over a third of elderlies 65 years and older experience a fall at home. If they’re alone and couldn’t move on their own, they won’t be able to contact help. They can spend hours, or even days, waiting for someone to help. And if they sustain serious injuries from the fall, they need to be treated immediately. The longer they’re left unattended, the lesser the chances of recovery. A fall – or any medical emergency for that matter – can be so severe that timely assistance can mean the difference between life and death. To ensure that you and your loved ones are safe and sound 24/7, you need a reliable medical alert system like Medical Guardian. With it, you’re never alone and never without help.

According to studies, fear of a fall also causes a lot of elderlies to limit their level of activity. Limiting their movements may cause reduced mobility, balance, and physical ability. This could actually lead to more falls, not to mention adding anxiety and depression to one’s life. Medical Guardian’s alert system provides not only peace of mind but confidence to the elderly and to their families. With this renewed sense of security, they can lead a happier, more active, and more fulfilling life.

Feature Highlights

Medical Guardian’s line of medical alert systems aims to solve feelings of dependency among seniors by providing products that allow them to travel and perform outdoor activities with confidence and peace of mind.

Below are the key features that come with Medical Guardian’s devices:

  • Monitoring center is headquartered in the US, with an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification that ensures the highest set of standards for reliability and safety; and a CSAA Five Diamond Central Station Certification for their excellence in upholding and exceeding quality criteria standards, top-notch customer service, ensuring all emergency responders are CSAA certified, complying to industry standards, and minimizing false dispatches. [CSAA]
  • Select your language of choice or other specialized services from your monitoring professional.
  • Monitoring staff are trained to handle emergency situations and will stay on the line until help arrives.
  • Fast response times, so the moment you press the button on your alert pendant, emergency responders will call right away. If nobody answers the call, they will dispatch help.
  • Dispatch police, family members, friends, neighbors, caregivers, or EMTs based on your preferences.
  • Add a custom lockbox to your alert system so nobody has to break down your door to enter your home and provide help. The lockbox also comes with a medical history card where emergency responders can check your medical history, allergies, medication, etc. [Lock]

Overview: Medical Guardian’s Medical Alert Systems

Medical Guardian devices are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to keep you or the elder you’re caring for safe and protected in the event of an emergency. There are 5 medical alert systems to choose from: Classic Guardian, Home Guardian, Mobile Guardian, Premium Guardian, and Family Guardian.

Each device comes with a central monitoring hub that works through standard phone line and selected VoIP services. They also offer a wireless emergency unit that works through AT&T’s cellular network, which is ideal for homes without a phone line. All devices have quality waterproof emergency buttons with a lengthy battery life of up to 18 months, and can be worn as a necklace or wristband.

Classic Guardian

In need of proven in-home protection? With Medical Guardian’s Classic Guardian, you can get the protection you need in and around your home, without spending too much for it! For a monthly fee of $29.95, the Classic Guardian provides the widest range of protection among all in-home medical alert systems within this budget spectrum. It will protect you from crisis situations such as medical emergencies, fires, home intrusions, and home accidents like falls.

As the name suggests, this device comes with all the necessary features and characteristics you’d expect from an in-home medical alert equipment. It works through a standard phone line, with an estimated range of up to 1,300 feet between the monitoring control center and the help button. The system features a sleek-looking base station, and sports a sensitive two-way audio system that allows the elderly to communicate to the emergency responder from the far end of the room. It’s easy to use and a breeze to install, and you can wear the pendant either as a necklace or a wristband. With water-resistant emergency help button, you won’t have to worry about bringing it with you to the bath or shower. And for complete peace of mind, the console has a 32-hour battery backup, which is enough to get it up and running during common blackouts. The lengthy battery life only means that you or the elderly you’re caring for can still be able to get help from 911-trained emergency operators even during power outages.

Home Guardian

Don’t have a phone line at home? No worries, Medical Guardian has you covered with Home Guardian, a modern upgrade to traditional medical alert systems, in that it uses a nationwide cellular network to protect you from emergency situations both in and around your home.

At just $34.95 a month, the Home Guardian is a step up from the Classic Guardian, with a base station that connects senior users to the 24/7 monitoring center via an independent self-contained wireless phone connection. In short, it doesn’t require a landline to work, and will only function using a cellular network. But just like Classic Guardian, the base station is very easy to install and works with an emergency help button that, when pressed within a 600-foot range, gives you access to 911-trained emergency operators. This unit can also function for a prolonged power outage, thanks to its 30-hour backup battery.

Additionally, it supports multiple buttons at the same time, including the optional Automatic Fall Detection Pendant that allow elderly couples or groups to stay protected using a single base unit. This add-on device is built and designed with technology that distinguishes daily movement from a fall. Just like the standard pendant, it’s waterproof. The difference is that it automatically triggers an emergency call for help when the user falls, meaning they can still get the help they need even if they’re not able to push the button. What’s more, the pendant has been tested to reduce false alarms, making it the most accurate fall detection technology available on the market.

Not sure if the Automatic Fall Detection Pendant is a good option for you? Of course, Medical Guardian understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution; and the preference and level of comfort with the technology varies from person to person. This is why the company gives customers the opportunity to test it out as an option and decide later. So if you’re interested, we recommend you speak with a Medical Guardian representative by calling them at 1-800-313-1191.

Mobile Guardian

If you want the ultimate peace of mind when you’re out and about, you might want to consider getting the Mobile Guardian, a lightweight GPS-enabled medical alert system that guarantees your safety and well-being at home and on-the-go. At just $39.95 a month, the Mobile Guardian will let you get in touch with an emergency responder no matter where you are – whether at home, walking around the neighborhood, or travelling out of town.

The fully mobile base station is ideal for active seniors who love to travel or go shopping. The unit features advanced GPS tracking functionality that helps emergency operators pinpoint your current location. When at home, the medical alert system works just like Medical Guardian’s in-home cellular based, wireless functionality. Emergency calls will be routed through a nationwide cellular network, without the need for a cellphone line subscription.

Of course, just like the other units, Mobile Guardian’s base station works with an emergency help button that wirelessly connects you to the 24/7 monitoring center. However, this device has a shorter 350-feet radius where you can maintain a connection between the base station and the help button. You can, however, carry the portable station in a bag or in the leather case that comes with the package. Another thing to take note of is it’s shorter 24-hour battery time but with the cradle charger, you can restore power within 2 hours.

Premium Guardian

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to fit your active and independent lifestyle, then you definitely can’t go wrong with Medical Guardian’s Premium Guardian. At a monthly fee of $49.95, this GPS-enabled, two-way communication medical alert system with optional fall detection technology provides the best and most comprehensive protection you’ll ever need both in and out of the home.

What makes the Premium Guardian different from other Medical Guardian units is that it comes in the form of a necklace pendant, complete with built-in speaker and microphone that allow seniors to speak directly with the emergency operator, thus making it a whole lot easier to get help in case of emergencies. However, Premium Guardian makes for a more bulky pendant compared to the one with the emergency help button. Users will have to remember to keep it charged and ready for use even when at home. It can be worn around the neck on an adjustable, breakaway lanyard or even on a belt clip. And for added peace of mind, the system comes built with the Automatic Fall Detection technology – completely free of charge! [Belt]

Premium Guardian is water-resistant, with a lengthy 36-hour battery life and a 4-hour full charge cycle. Rest assured that this device will continue working even during power outages.

Family Guardian

Sometimes, we can’t help but worry about a loved one’s health and activity levels, especially when we’re not around to watch over them. But with Medical Guardian’s all-new Family Guardian, you and the rest of the family can proactively care for each other all throughout the day, wherever you are.

The Family Guardian is the perfect combination of traditional medical alert services and comprehensive activity monitoring. The system comes equipped with a standard cellular base station and wearable emergency button. But unlike other Medical Guardian units, it comes with two activity sensors and a door sensor. You can mount the sensors in the kitchen and bathroom, or any part of your home where you can always monitor your loved one’s daily routine. The door sensor is typically placed on the main entryway, which notifies family members when a loved one enters or exits the house.

But what really sets this medical alert system apart from the rest is the ability to receive notifications and reports directly via email or SMS, through the handy Family Guardian Monitoring App. With it, you’ll receive real-time updates directly from your smartphone whenever the sensors detect any signs that a loved one isn’t going about their usual routine. Apart from this, the app also generates Day Story and Weekly Activity reports, giving you even more insights into your significant other’s daily activities.

You can choose to receive alerts with the following instances:

  • Each morning when the loved one is awake and active
  • If they have skipped/missed a meal
  • If they left the house
  • If room temperature is too high/low

The best thing about this app is that it’s shareable. With a single medical alert system, you can create multiple accounts for family members, caregivers, and friends, allowing them to remotely check in on a loved one’s health or activity – anytime, anywhere. From the app, you can also test the sensors to ensure they’re working properly. Talk about the ultimate peace of mind!

Using the Medical Alert System

A medical emergency can be highly stressful, making it difficult for someone to think clearly and make sound decisions. For this reason, you need to have a medical alert system that’s easy to use and free of complications. With Medical Guardian’s medical alert systems, the process is a whole lot simpler and more user-friendly – even for seniors with memory or cognition difficulties.

Getting started with Medical Guardian is easy, both in terms of purchasing the system and setting it up. The company has a team of caring and knowledgeable customer service agents who will help you choose the ideal system and monitoring approach based on your personal needs, and will ensure that a profile for you or the elderly you’re caring for is filled in with contact information for preferred physicians, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), family members, other caregivers, and other emergency services. Once you receive your medical alert system, all you have to do is to plug the central control hub in the power outlet and phone jack in your home. But if you’ve gone for the wireless option, there will be no need to plug the system into a phone jack. Once connected, you can test the system by pressing the alert button connecting you with the control hub in order to verify the test.


Follow These 3 Simple Steps!

  • Step 1: Press the button on the Medical Guardian Pendant. The pendant that comes with the medical alert system can easily be attached to a belt. It can even be worn around the neck or around the wrist, like a bracelet. The device must be worn at all times, even while at home. And because it’s completely waterproof, it can still be worn in the bath or shower. Once you press the pendant, it will immediately send a wireless signal to the control hub, which serves as the base station. This will then alert the monitoring center of an emergency.
  • Step 2: Get in touch with a trained medical emergency responder. Within minutes of pressing the alert button on your medical alert system, you’ll be connected to a certified medical operator, via a two-way radio in the device. The emergency responder will immediately assess your situation and help determine the type of help you need. And since the responder has access to your file, they can immediately view your medical history, medications, preferred physicians, local hospital, as well as contact details for family members or friends. You don’t even have to worry about sending an ambulance to your home because the system will take care of it for you. You can have a neighbor come over, have a family member called, or contact a designated caregiver. And if you’re not able to respond, operators will immediately send local emergency personnel to your home.
  • Step 3. Help is on its way! All of Medical Guardians’ alert systems are completely portable, which means you can bring security and peace of mind wherever you go. You can bring it with you at work, on vacation, or even when permanently moving within the US. Simply plug the base station into the wall, notify the emergency monitoring center of your current location, and you’re all set. The company provides service in all 50 states, giving you the opportunity to travel with confidence.

Quick Stats

Below is a side-by-side comparison of Medical Guardian’s medical alert systems, including the monthly pricing, features, add-ons, etc. This should be able to guide you in making that final buying decision.

Classic Guardian $29.95 Base station

Choice between waterproof neck and wrist pendant

X Uses phone connection; 1,300 ft. base-to-pendant range; 2-way audio through base station; 32-hour backup battery Stationary wall-mounted button

Additional buttons


Home Guardian $34.95 Base station

Choice between waterproof neck and wrist pendant

Temperature sensor

X Wirelessly connect via nationwide cellular network (AT&T); 600 ft. base-to-pendant range; 2-way audio through base station; 30-hour backup battery Stationary wall-mounted button

Additional buttons


Automatic Fall Detection Pendant

Mobile Guardian $39.94 Base station

Choice between waterproof neck and wrist pendant

Charging cradle

Leather carrying case

· Wirelessly connect via nationwide cellular network (AT&T); 350 ft. base-to-pendant range; 2-way audio through base station; 24-hour backup battery Stationary wall-mounted button

Additional buttons



Premium Guardian $49.95 Wearable 2-way communication device

Belt clip

Charging cradle

· Wirelessly connect via nationwide cellular network (AT&T); Unlimited base-to-pendant range; Wearable 2-way audio device; 36-hour backup battery Lockbox

Automatic Fall Detection Pendant

Family Guardian Request price quotation Base station

Choice between waterproof neck and wrist pendant

2x Activity Sensors

1x Door Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Family Guardian Monitoring App

· Wirelessly connect via nationwide cellular network (AT&T); Unlimited base-to-pendant range; 2-way audio through base station Request info

Medical Guardian: The Fine Print

Whichever unit you pick, rest assured that you won’t be forced to commit to a long-term contract, thanks to the monthly and quarterly subscriptions. At the same time, there are no activation fees or termination fees associate with their services. This compares well with other companies that are more stringent with their terms and setup fees.

Although Medical Guardian’s monthly payment plans allow a more flexible management of your chosen package, going for a longer period comes with its own set of advantages, too. The longer your chosen payment plan, the bigger the discount you’ll earn for the monthly price. Even their annual plan has its benefits, like a free lockbox and a free month of service. And if this isn’t enough, all medical alert systems come with free shipping if you go for the annual plan.

Medical Guardian also ensures that there are no hidden fees in all of their plans, but you need to keep in mind that ordering add-ons like extra buttons, a wall mount, or a Fall Detection pendant, will slightly increase your monthly fee. An extra standard help button costs $2 per month, while the Fall Detection pendant costs $10 per month.

At the time of this review, Medical Guardian also states that they’re willing to provide refunds, particularly for unused prepaid months. However, this is subject to a minimum of three months of initial non-refundable fees. If you cancel the service and sent back the equipment, the company will issue a refund which will be processed upon receipt of the equipment returned in good condition. For more details on their refund policy, you can contact the company directly at 1-800-313-1191.

Plans and Extra Fees

Contract Term 3-month initial commitment + 10-day grace period for cancellation and refund (you will also get a refund for any prepaid monthly service after the 3-month initial commitment)
Activation/Setup Fee NONE
Shipping Fee FREE ground shipping for annual plans
Cancellation Fee NONE (You can cancel at any time)
Repairs/Replacement Fees NONE for defective equipment and battery replacements; optional $5 monthly Protection Plan for lost or damaged units (could cost as much as $350 to replace without the plan)
Senior Discount 10% AARP discount on annual plan
Other Discounts 10% veteran discount on annual plan (cannot be used along with other existing discount offers); other limited-time offers may be available
Price-Lock Guarantee Company locks in your price for the duration of your service

Medical Guardian: The Pros and Cons

  • Reasonably priced services and packages, with discount offers
  • GPS-enabled for accurate tracking
  • Has the largest range out of any medical alert system available on the market today
  • Does not require any additional range extender
  • 24/7 monitoring by 911-trained emergency responders
  • UA and CSAA Five Diamond Certified monitoring center
  • Standard phone line and cellular operated equipment
  • Lengthy battery power
  • Water-resistant help buttons
  • Multiple wearable options for help button (choose from necklace, wristband, and belt clip)
  • Automatic fall detection option
  • Does not tie you down to a lengthy contract (you can sign up for a monthly, quarterly, or annual plan)
  • No activation or termination fees
  • Free ground shipping
  • Price-lock guarantee included
  • Cancel at any time (after initial 3-month commitment)

  • Company doesn’t offer premium plan upgrades unlike some other comparable services
  • Some reports of wearable pendant being extremely difficult to remove from wristband to necklace
  • Limited two-way wearables
  • No pill reminder option to remind the user when to take their medication and how much to take

Final Verdict – Offering Ultimate Peace of Mind for You and Your Loved Ones

Medical Guardian’s fine lineup of medical alert systems are our top pick because it’s worth the cost and provides assurance and protection for the elderly and loved ones in need. They offer a lifetime warranty, price-lock guarantee, plus free activation and shipping, so it’s easy to get started.  They don’t even shackle you with lengthy contracts, although going for a longer service promises more benefits and savings.

However, you should still take into consideration which unit would be best suited to your needs and lifestyle, as well as your budget. And while some people may find them expensive, Medical Guardian offers the latest and most highly advanced monitoring services, security, and professionalism for those in need of a reliable medical alert system.

Sadly, the company doesn’t offer a lot of add-ons that we always appreciate, like a pill reminder or a smoke detector. However, they have highly trained monitoring professionals to make up for it, and they can be contacted even in non-emergencies. So if you’re in the market looking for a reliable medical alert system, no other equipment can give thorough protection and reassurance to you and your loved ones than Medical Guardian.

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