Remocam – Nest Cam Fanboys Prepare Yourselves (May 2023)

RemoCamWith so many security systems on the mark that each have their own features, it can be exceedingly difficult to find what you are looking for. For a long period of time, one particular security camera that gained an array of popular reviews was the Nest Cam.

Shaped like a small ball and held up by a thin black stand, the Nest Cam was the ideal tool to monitor both the inside and outside of your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Features such as night vision, activity alerts, and a user-friendly application made this product an ease to use.

If you’ve found yourself vying for another product similar to Nest Cam, but with more advanced features, then look no further. Here is a review and coverage of the Remocam.


The Remocam is our 2016 pick of one of the most functional and advanced IoT products on the security market. IoT, which stands for “Internet of Things,” is a security camera that is a member of a network that allows for the collection and exchange of data. With Remocam’s advanced IoT features and its easy set-up qualities, you can quickly turn this tiny gadget into a security powerhouse in your home.

Among providing users with easy installation, this security camera is one of the top in its class for providing users with crystal clear surveillance to your mobile device. In addition to crystal clear surveillance, the Remcam is also well-known for its motion sensing image capture, its WiFi capabilities, the 2-way audio feature, and IP surveillance. With these features and many others, the Remocam’s placement as a top pick is certainly well warranted.

For those who are curious about the price, the product is currently selling for $199.99. While this does seem a bit pricy, the product’s features and quality are worthy justifications.

Let’s start with the main advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the best ways to understand a product before you buy it is to read an overview of the advantages and disadvantages. As with any security system, the Remocam does have a number of great features, but there are also a few setbacks.

When it comes to the RemoCam, here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages:

  • High quality picture that live streams to your mobile device a sharp and crystal clear image  – 720p Resolution
  • Includes a local cloud storage
  • A nearly inaudible PTZ (pan, tilt, zoon) monitoring system
  • Night vision
  • Small and compact so it can be hidden nearly anywhere
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Includes a built-in siren
  • Dog friendly
  • Speaker and microphone
  • Works with other devices

  • Cloud storage system comes with a fee
  • A bit costly for a camera
  • No email alerts to your mobile device
  • Night vision quality isn’t as sharp as it could be

As you can tell, Remocam has many more advantages than disadvantages. In addition, most of the disadvantages shouldn’t be a hindrance to your use of the product. Most of the uses for this camera will be in the realm of video streaming an image from your home or office to your mobile device. Since there are numerous great features that make this not only possible, but advanced, you should be pretty pleased with this device.


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A Comparison of Remocam’s Packages

Remocam is a bit unique when it comes to monitoring packages. Unlike other security packages and devise, Remocam doesn’t provide users with the opportunity to purchase a security package, since it isn’t meant to be a monitoring system.

The closest thing akin to a home monitoring package that Remocam offers is the fleet of accessories that you can add to your Remocam home security system. The fleet of accessories is known as “Remocam Friends.” Most of the accessories discussed below are still in their beta stage and Remocam is currently crowdfunding the devices to enable it to provide a stronger and better security camera with a home automation system.

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Here is what Remocam Friends includes:

Remocam Bulbs

There are numerous reasons as to why you may want to turn on or to turn off a lightbulb in your home. Whether you are looking to do so to save energy or to deter intruders, returning home to take care of your light bulb may be a challenge. Remocam Bulbs aims to resolve your issue by enabling you to operate specific LED bulbs with your camera.

Remocam Pet

RemoCam is an especially savvy brand, which comes through in its development of a Remocam pet. The Remocam Pet is a pet feeder that operates automatically through the Remocam application. This way, if you decide to stay elsewhere overnight, you can at least feel confident that your pet is well taken care of.

Remocam Hub

Lastly, Remocam is also developing the Remocam Hub, which allows you remote control capabilities over any electronic device connected to an automated outlet.

With these additional capabilities, Remocam is taking security and automated control to the next level. After reviewing other security gadgets, you will find that very few come close to providing you with the above capabilities. While they are still currently in the crowdfunding stage, once the gadgets come out, they are bound to be a hit in the home security realm.

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Promo Code and Discounts

Unfortunately, one setback when it comes to Remocam is that it doesn’t have any promotional codes or discounts. Therefore, you are likely to pay full price for the product.

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What are Remocam Customer’s Saying?

One of the best ways to gauge whether a product is right for you is to check out what some of the product’s current users are saying. When reviewing what customers are saying, for a thorough and unbiased opinion both the advantages and disadvantages should be looked at.

Let’s start with all of the advantages that customers are raving about when it comes to this product:

  • A security system that allows you to monitor the inside of the home
  • Includes TV control, light control, and siren control
  • A sleek look
  • Application is very user friendly
  • Perfect for both at home and business use
  • No cables, no static IP, and no monthly payments
  • Record using night vision
  • An very flexible system with great quality image and a loud speaker
  • 2-way talk
  • Very easy set-up (around five minutes)

When it comes to customer reviews, a majority of users are very happy with this product and the features that it includes. While there are certainly a large number of advantages, there are a few disadvantages that you may want to be aware of.

Now that we’ve covered a few of the positive customer comments, here are some of the main issues that have arisen:

  • Issues with the QR scanning feature to activate the cam has trouble at times
  • Needs good WiFi bandwidth to operate properly

As you can tell, there are many more advantages to this product than disadvantages. All in all, the disadvantages may be attributed to issues with specific products or a user’s inability to operate the product properly. As a result, this product is still worth giving a try. If you are dissatisfied with the product, then worst case scenario is returning it to the sender.

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Unique Benefits of Remocam

Remocam is unique is so many ways, but one of the most unique benefits that users can be especially pleased with is the pet feature. Unlike other security cameras, Remocam gives you the ability to monitor your home and feed your pet when you won’t be back in time for dinner.

Moreover, while there are numerous devices on the market that allows you to control your lighting fixtures to deter burglars, the Remocam is unique in the sense that it is compact, wireless, and actions can be taken effortlessly. Since you don’t need to spend a lot of time configuring the camera or setting up the features, you can get back to what is most important – which is keeping your home well protected against intruders.

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Remocam vs Competitors

RemoCam Canary Nestcam Piper Arlo Fujjikam
Local & Cloud Yes No No No No No
Siren Yes Yes No Yes No No
Speaker/Mic Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
PTZ Yes No No No No Yes
Night Vision Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
HD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
IR Smart Home Yes No No No No No
Live Feed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motion Sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Area Detection Yes No Yes No No No
256-bit AES Yes Yes No No No No

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Remocam Review – Overall

Overall, Remocam is the type of camera that any security conscious individual should incorporate into their home. With the interesting capabilities, quality streaming, 2-way talk, wireless system, and various controls, you can have quality control your home from any remote location.

Another great point about this product is that it includes a helpful customer support team who is willing to help you out will any questions that you may have relating to the camera system. You can contact the support team about getting started, how to use the camera, and any troubleshooting issues that may arise. Despite needing to send an email to contact support, the team is on call from 8:30-4:30 PST. Therefore all questions are answered quickly.

If you’ve used Remocam in the past or are currently using this security system, then our team invites you to share your own story about your experience. Your review will not only help foster discussion, but it may prove useful to another individual looking at the same security system.

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Available on Amazon

Remocam-Smart Home Security Camera for All (Wireless, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, IP Surveillance, HD, PTZ)

1 used from $150.00
Free shipping
Last update was in: May 28, 2023 5:29 pm

Remocam Bracket

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Last update was in: May 28, 2023 5:29 pm
9 Total Score
Home Security Camera at its Best

With a number of features a home security camera can have rolled into one, makes Remocam, one of the best. It does not only monitor your home but also your pets. Needs good WiFi bandwidth to operate properly.

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