Scout Home Wireless Security Review 2018

If you are looking for a home security system that is both smart and simple, Scout may be exactly what you need. The founder of Scout, Noah Ney was tired of trying to find a home security system that wasn’t outdated. So he set about creating a system that was not only modern but also affordable.

He wanted you to be able to choose the equipment you wanted, and not have to pay for packages that may have devices you don’t want or need.

Scout Equipment

Device Price
Scout Hub $129
Door Panel $69.00
Access Sensor $29.00
Motion Sensor $49.00

Scout includes the core of what you need to have a complete home security system. It’s also easy to install and comes with some useful items, like battery backups. It may look simple, but it is smarter than it looks.

It is also quite intuitive. With a highly functional mobile app, you can manage your home security by tapping on an option. You can arm and disarm the system, or just change a devices mode. You can also create custom alerts that will be sent in the event an alarm is triggered. So if you want Scout to email you if a window is open, you can set an alert and make it so.

You can also give other users access to your system. So if you have a trusted neighbor, you can give them access to manage your system while you are on vacation. Because no conga line should be interrupted by an alert from your security system.

Scout gives you lots of options. You can choose how you receive your alerts and push notifications. The alarm itself has a siren that is 106 decibels according to the company. While the sound will obviously lessen the further it extends from the siren, it is still a sufficient sound that can alert you that an event has occurred.

Your Scout Alarm connects to your router using the standard ethernet cable. In addition to providing a battery backup, you also get an internet backup, which means that you never have to worry about an alert being missed by the monitoring station.

How to Set Up Scout

I could go on and on and on about how difficult it is to put your Scout system together. But that would be a lie. If you follow the tutorials on the app you can have that puppy up and running in 10-15 minutes. So if you have a short attention span…what were we talking about…oh if you lose focus easily Scout is the system you need.

You just plug the Scout hub into your router, it will connect itself to the devices that came in your package. You also get some deterrents, like yard and window signs. You should have window and door sensors, a motion detector, two key-fobs and a door panel.

You also get a RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag. You can place this on a device that you want o monitoring. Like a wine chiller, or a cabinet.

You don’t need a touchscreen or keypad to arm or disarm your system with Scout. You just need to have the key-fob with you, it works with the system to make entry and exit from your home easy.

Additional Equipment

There are some non-Scout devices that can play well with your system. For example, if you have an Amazon Echo device you can use voice commands to check on your system. You just need to ask Alexa if you left a window option. Now if only she would go and close it for you.

And what doesn’t work with Nest? Nest is the most friendly company, it is always going to like your post on Facebook and it lets you monitor the temperature in your house, Nest cam is also being incorporated into the Scout system which is some sweet news.

IFTTT (If This Than That) will be available soon so you can use it to create “recipes” that automate Scout to connect with other smart devices.

Monitoring Services

You will need to choose a plan with Scout, but with only two options it’s easy to select the one that will work best for you. These are your options:

Always On Features

  • Email notifications
  • Scout mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Push notifications to mobile device
  • 4G LTE cellular and battery backup
  • SMS Alerts
  • No Annual Contract

Always On+ Features

  • Email notifications
  • Scout mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Push notifications to mobile device
  • 4G LTE cellular and battery backup
  • SMS Alerts
  • No annual contract
  • 24/7  professional monitoring service

Scout provides 2/7 professional monitoring using UL-certified monitoring systems that will dispatch the police should a sensor or motion detector trigger an alarm.

  • The app allows you to control your Scout devices from anywhere
  • Connects with Amazon Echo, Nest and soon IFTTT
  • Equipment has a one year warranty
  • You get everything you need to put together a solid home security system
  • It is easy to install
  • No Contract

  • You will need to choose a monitoring option

In Conclusion

If you are new to home security, Scout is a company you should absolutely check out. They make it easy for you to have a solid home security system without the hassle of some other DIY providers. While we would like to see a longer warranty period as three years becoming the new normal. We can live with the one-year that they currently provide.

Once installed managing your Scout system is pleasantly simple. You can arm and disarm your alarm and manage your camera. You can also connect devices from Nest and Amazon Echo. With Echo, you can control your system using voice commands, which makes things hella easy.

The integration of IFTTT will allow you to connect a wider variety of devices. You will also be able to create recipes (rules) for the devices. You can tell them when to turn on and off, and you can even have them work with other devices.

We like Scout. So if you are looking for a reasonably priced home security system with potential, you may have met your perfect match.

Jennifer Kelley is an author and technology blogger. She feels weird writing about herself in the third person, but does so when asked. A graduate of The Ohio State University she is a dedicated football fan and a total dork who loves all things written. You can follow her on twitter @theonlyjen

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