Are Your Cash and Valuables Protected?

Use These 20 Ninja-Secret Hiding Spots that’ll Fool Even the Most Cunning and Determined Thieves...

Are your valuable items safe? Even if you have a security system set up at your home, sometimes you need to go an extra mile to protect your valuables. Rather than going out and buying the most expensive safe you can find on the market, you can build simple, secret hiding places inside and around your house so that even the most determined and the most seasoned burglars are very unlikely to find them.

In the United States alone, a burglary happens every 18 seconds, resulting in the loss of almost $4 billion dollars every year.

Burglary often happens because most people have a false sense of security. They think their home is protected when they’re inside, which leads to carelessness and resulting into robbery and burglary.

Of course, you can’t always make your house 100% burglary-proof. But you can surely follow these simple DIY tips and tricks to reduce the chance of having your valuable items stolen if a burglary occurs.

Please note: You can also use these same DIY ideas to hide your gifts (Christmas gifts), secret files and documents, or find extra space to store items and make your living space more hygienic. Also for some tips to work, you may have to purchase few products which you can easily find WalMart or hardware stores for under $5. However, if they prevent theft, these cheap items are priceless.

20 Secret Places to Protect Your Stuff from Thieves

Secret Storage #1: Picture Frame

Is there a big picture frame of your loved ones, or some art hanging on your wall? If yes, then perfect… You can use that large picture (as shown in the example below) to hide items stored in a medicine cabinet or similar.

Here’s how you can do this: first, fix the medicine cabinet in the wall. Then, cover the cabinet with the picture frame. It’s that simple.

The great thing about this DIY idea is no one, including burglars, will suspect there’s a secret storage place behind the picture frame.

DIY Idea: Picture Frame. (Image source: Apartmenttherapy)

Secret Storage #2: Book Spine Box

You don’t have to dig holes in your yard to hide your valuable stuff. In fact, with this secret storage product, you can hide most valuable items in plain sight.

Yes. That’s right. This handmade secret compartment is called Victoria “Musik” and ships around the world from a little city in Estonia. Although it looks like a bookshelf, but actually it’s a secret hiding place.

You see, with the Victoria secret compartment, you can hide anything – from candy to cash or maybe even your cryptocurrency cold wallet.

DIY Idea: Book Spine Box (Image source: Huffington Post)

Secret Storage #3: False bottom drawer

Here’s a pretty basic and simple idea that you can use to stash your valuables in a safe place. You’ll create a false bottom drawer – a secret compartment – you’ve probably heard about this before…

Let me explain how you can create a false bottom drawer. First of all, you need a thin board that matches the color of your drawer’s wood. Then, you need to ensure it is properly cut so that it can fit properly inside the drawer. You also need some supporting tools (such as wine corks) to hold it up, as done by M3G on Instructables.

DIY idea: Falsebottom drawer (Image source: MakeZine)

Secret Storage #4: Hidden Jewelry Box

You see, there are two kinds of people in this world. People who like to display their jewelry out in the open so that everyone can see it and appreciate them for better taste. And other-half who like to hide it away from plain sight. If you need to hide your valuables, then here’s a ninja, top-secret, behind-the-painting method.

Fancy the idea of hiding stuff behind old paintings, under rugs, and fat old books? Yes. Then this tactic is for you.

This method is even easier than the medicine cabinet trick. All you need is a picture frame and some strips of wood to make a shallow rectangular frame. Add little hooks and hangers inside for jewelry, keys, and whatever else. Then simply hang the picture from that wooden frame.

DIY Idea: Hidden Jewelry Box (Image source: Design Sponge.)

Secret Storage #5: Doorstop Stash

Quick quiz: What does the top edge of your closet door look like? I swear you don’t have an answer for that, probably because you never gave a second thought about what could possibly be there on the top edge of your closet door, even if you have been living in your home your entire life. But, you can tell one thing for sure: there’s not enough room!

So, how can you stash your valuable stuff there?

Here’s a spoiler alert: Smaller space actually makes up for a great hiding place. How? Because not many people think of smaller space, such as the top edge of a closet door, as a hiding spot in the first place. I mean, no one, including the most seasoned burglars in the town.

But, it’s right there, within easy reaching distance, when you need to stash some valuable stuff (cash) right away.

FYI: Here’s a simple and quick tutorial on how to make doorstop stash, within minutes. (Image credit: Makezine)

Secret Storage #6: Hollow Book

It’s hard to imagine a secret storage spot without thinking about the typical hollow book. You could probably buy online, but if you need one that looks really original, it’s pretty easy to create one yourself.

All you need is three tools: a book, glue, and scissors or a knife.

You can even make it look more exciting with some electronics, a lined interior, or any kind of lock system.

DIY Idea: Hollow Book. (Image Source: Vividplease)

Secret Storage #7: Ninja-Secret Wall Outlet Safe

Almost every house seems to have one or more wall outlets with empty electrical boxes behind the plate. This means you can transform it into a secret storage space to stash some of your valuables.

If you’d like to learn how to create a wall outlet safe yourself, check out this amazing tutorial posted by The King of Random. Their simple step-by-step instructions will help you build a ninja secret vault to keep burglar clueless for a long time.

Nobody will ever suspect, even if they’re directly looking at it. In fact, there are many variations to this idea, but the guy at The King of Random helps you create one using the best method he could find – i.e. simply by using a box behind the cable.

DIY Idea: Make a secret wall outlet safe under $3. (Image source: Instructables)

Secret Storage #8: Bathtub Hidden Storage

Do you have a bathtub encased around? If so, you can use that space to create your own secret hiding places to protect your stuff from thieves.

You’ll find unique designs in the nearby store. Sometimes, they come with a built-in aquarium. Other times, they come with book storage.

But, here’s something different you can try – the unique bathtub that was developed by GW International. They call it a Stowaway bath storage system, and it makes use of the “unused” space underneath the bath to store stuff.

This Stowaway bath panel comes with a pull-down panel – so that you can easily and quickly open and close it – with chrome baskets to stock items, including your jewellery, cash, and other valuable items.

When it is closed, the bath panel looks just like any other normal panel. But, when the handle on the panel is pulled down, it displays all your hidden items stashed underneath.

DIY Idea: Bathtub hidden storage will make even the most “experienced” burglar at bay. (Image source: Bornrich)

Secret Storage #9: Your Own Hide-A-Key

Need more ways to create secret hiding spots to stash your valuables? Keep reading. You can go two more routes. First of all, you can possibly buy hollowed out rocks from a nearby hardware store to keep your items out of sight. Second, don’t buy anything, but rather, go find a real rock and a plastic bottle (a Coke or Pepsi bottle will do great).

Stash your valuable items (cash, jewelry, keys, etc) inside the plastic bottle, and once your items are all stuffed in there, glue the rock on the top of the bottle. Finally, to finish the trick, bury the bottle in the ground so that only the rock is displaying.

Don’t use plastic rocks or similar. They look fake. Opt for real rock because they can fool even the most “curious” thieves.

Use real rock and a plastic bottle to create your own hide-a-key, and keep the most experienced burglar at bay. (Image source; Zakkalife)

Secret Storage #10: Out in the Open

You can also use your old vacuum cleaner to stash your belongings. But any other household items with a cavity will do great, too. Think of toys, old printers and computer towers.

One thing, though: let your family members know about it so that it won’t get tossed or donated unknowingly.

For immediate and easy access, you can use a household item that opens up almost immediately. For added security, go with an item with a cover that screws shut.

You can use a household item such as a classic vacuum cleaner for a secret hiding place. (Image source: Family HandyMan)

Secret Storage #11: Secret Mirror Compartment

This difficult-to-guess compartment camouflages itself as a mirror, while also holding your valuables such as jewelry and self defense equipment, for easy access.

The most intelligent thieves, and even your kids, too, will have NO clue that there is anything behind that mirror.

And this compartment is not as heavy as it looks. They’re actually lighter than most gun cabinets you find in the market.

To learn how to make your very own secret mirror compartment within minutes, check out this in-depth tutorial.

Secret Storage #12: The Appliance Caper

Many dishwashers and fridges today come with a break-off grille in the front. Underneath the grill, there’s plenty of storage place. I guess no burglar have an inclination and time to clean your refrigerator coils.

Before you hide anything there, make sure you check where the coils are. On some fridge models, a pile of cash can actually block the flow of air, which can make the fridge work extra hard or damage it.

Insert your treasures inside your appliance caper to protect your stuff from the most intelligent theives. (Image credit: Handyman)

Secret Storage #13: Bathroom Tile Storage

Here’s another dirty little tactic you can use to hide your valuables. Bathroom tiles. What?? You probably thought once or twice before in your life, didn’t you? I wondered about it, and eventally I finally found someone using this technique to hide their stuff

The project is pretty involved since you’ll need to cut one tile out, and then cut through the wall so you’ll have space to add the drawer. As long as there isn’t a stud, pipe, hvac or electrical wires behind that tile, you’re good to go.

You can create bathroom tile storage to fool even the most intelligent burglar. (Image source: Doornob)

Secret Storage #14: Secret Shelf Project

Here’s another DIY project that you can create to hide your treasures. It’s called the Secret Shelf. You can keep your documents, cash, jewelry, firearms, and other valuables safe inside this top-secret shelf, which you can easily and quickly build yourself.

If you wish, you can create one yourself by checking out this simple, easy to follow tutorial.

A simple yet burglar-proof secret storage shelf to protect all your valuables. (Image source: DIY Projects)

Secret Storage #15: Air Return Stash

Here’s another kick-ass tactic you can use to stuff your valuables so that even a seasoned burglar have a tough time thinking about it… unless he has one in his home too.

This method is known as air return stash, and it’s simple to create, too. All you need is a space opening that is big enough to fit a return air grille.

Remember – the grille screws have to be taken off (or cut off) and the heads glued just in place.

Then, grab four drywall screws and run them into the four corners of the opening space so they fit just inside the rim of the grille.

Finally, use four earth magnets in the back of the air grille so that they line up with the head of the screws.

Air Return Stash (Image source: Family Handyman)

Secret Storage #16: Old Deodorant Stash

If you need to hide your stuff, in plain sight, at home, or while on the move, then you can use your old and empty deodorant containers to create a safe and secret hiding place to stash your valuable items.

With this smart hiding place, it’ll be tough for anyone to find your valubles. They’d have to comb through everything in your bathroom to even have a chance of discovering this.

Check out this simple and quick tutorial on how to create a secret hiding place using the power of deodorent bottles. (Image source: Instructables)

Secret Storage #17: Cabinet Hidey-Hole

Your house definitely has some space between your cabinets which can fit an envelope or two. In this difficult-to-spot area, you can stash your hard-earned cash in a manila envelope and hang. Just don’t forget that this secret spot contains your treasure!

Quick tip: Be sure you attach a thin rope at the both ends of the envelope so that you can easily get it out. Or, you can also attach two large binder clips so that the envelope don’t fall through the space, and for easy access, too (as shown in the image below).

Hide your cash and other valuable items using this simple yet clever hiding storage place to keep the most determined crooks at bay. (Image source: Family Handyman)

Secret Storage #18: VHS Secret Tape Compartment

If you don’t want your treasures to be found, while still in plain sight, then you can try this sneaky little secret.

Even if someone breaks into your room to find a USB drive full of secret documents, chances are they’ll probably look at your heating vents, baseboards, and your drawers.

But would they consider opening that old dusty VHS tape lying on the table to discover your secrets? Most likely not. No one would bother checking a VHS tape. I mean, who would?

This is the reason why this secret storage method makes it a perfect hiding place to stash away your valuables – small jewelleries and cash.

People will praise you for having a soft spot for something vintage, but you know that you’re a secret lover of a wise storage, too.

For a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to build this secret treasure vault within an hour, check out this useful guide posted on Instructables.

Secret Storage # 19: Hidden Treasure Container

A jar of grain isnt’ the first place that comes to mind when looking for stuff to steal.

What a great invention this one is…

Really, I mean, the thief surely don’t have enough time to check all your snack containers.

And, the best part is that “Hidden Treasure Container” is simple and easy to create. You just need to follow this simple step-by-step guide.

The “Hidden Treasure Container,” a sneaky place to hide your treasure in a plain sight. (Image source: )

Secret Storage # 20: Side Table with Hidden Storage

The chic table like the one shown here isn’t a place to hide something. No one, would ever see a side table without a drawer, and think it contains your valuable stuff.

Yes, of course, it serves as a decorative piece and looks practical too. That’s always a nice thing to have. But remember, the inside storage of this chic table is quite big, large enough to hide some of your valuables – cash, jewelry, pens, magazines, etc – up to 2 inches in height. But, if you wish, you can also use a different sized pan for more depth and width.

And, in case, you wanted to learn how to create one yourself, here’s your link.

(Image source: Sugar and Cloth)


Secret Storage # 20: Globe Cash Keeper

A globe? Haha yes, actually.

If you can make a small hole, as explained in this useful tutorial, you can turn your globe into a piggy bank that’ll allow you to save your hard-earned money.

There’s a huge space inside the globe, meaning you can stash your cash and other valuable items. And, no one in the world would ever suspect it’s a secret treasure container because a globe isn’t a usual place to store our valuables, is it? That’s right.

Turn an unsuspecting globe into a secret hiding storage to ward off even the most crooked burglars. (Image source: RadMegan)


Having secret hiding places at your home is a cool, geeky, fun yet effective way to keep your stuff safe from anyone – family members, visitors, and burglars alike. These little tricks can go a long way in the rare even that your home or apartment does get burglarized.

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